Premium Box
😍$99.99 for value $260+!😍 What makes you a nail art expert? Advanced skills and premium tools. Here at Vettsy, these are the products that we think a nail expert must have. All salon-quality, high-end products help you create excellent nail...
Deluxe Box
😍$59.99 for value $170+!😍 Are you looking for a full nail art kit to start the next level nail journey? Vettsy Deluxe Box got you covered. Have fun expressing your inner creativity with this advanced Solid Gel and nail art...
Basic Box
😍$49.99 for value $130+!😍 New to Solid Gel? Don't know where to start? Vettsy Basic Box is the one designed for you! The true all-in-one Solid Gel starter kit contains everything you need to start your fun & colorful nail...
Cat Eye Gel Box
😍$39.99 for value $99+!😍 Have you ever seen the magic of Cat Eye Gel? I guess you will be obsessed at first sight! With those shimmering metallic glitters, they can be shaped into all kinds of amazing designs your desire....
Gel Polish Box
😍$39.99 for value $99+!😍 Tired of making choices of what gel color to buy? Leave the decision to us. Inside the Vettsy Gel Polish Box, you will get 10 gel polishes from 10 different collections, which are loved a lot....
Nail Extension Box
😍$39.99 for value $110+!😍 How many different nail extension methods do you know? Have you tried all of them and found the one that suits you best? If not, you've come to the right place! Inside this Nail Extension Box,...
French Nail Box
😍$19.99 for value $60+!😍 French manicure fan? Nail beginner not good at drawing the smile line? Come here, you will have all the easiest and most perfect French nail hacks in this French Nail Box!All kinds of tools for more...
Glitter Mystery Box
😍$19.99 for value $50+!😍 Are you the kind of girl who loves playing with anything that sparkles? If yes, how can you not add these stunning glitters to your nails? A whole box of different styles of glitters at $19.99....
Marble Nail Art Box
😍$39.99 for value $90+!😍 What are the nail trends that never go out of date? Marble nails definitely have a place. And do you know that there are several marble nail hacks that make perfect marble nails easily even for...
Silicone Mold Lucky Bag
Do you find it difficult to choose a favorite mold? Don't worry, this lucky bag will help you solve your difficulty in choosing! 12 nail art molds in one bag and $9.99 Only! Same product with a lower price. Shop...
Clearance Lucky Bag
Spend $9.99 to get all kinds of nail products Value $30+! Big bargain! In this Clearance Lucky Bag, you will get 2 solid gel polishes, a box of rhinestones, some glitters, special stickers, and other nail art products in this bag...
Transfer Foil Lucky Bag
Get 4 boxes(40 sheets) of nail art transfer foil for $9.99 Only! (Value $30) All kinds of cute nail art transfer foils in one bag and $9.99 Only! Shop to enjoy the endless fun of self-manicure at home! Size: 4cm*50cm/sheet Package Content: Transfer...
Stickers Lucky Bag
Get 20 sheets of nail art stickers for $9.99 Only! (Value $39) All kinds of nail art stickers in one bag and $9.99 Only! Shop to enjoy the endless fun of self-manicure at home! Package Content: Vettsy Nail Art Stickers...
Vettsy Lucky Bag
Spend $9.99 Only To Get 10 Items Value $30+! Each bag is worth over $30 and contains 10 items including nail glitters, stickers, cuticle oil, nail tools and other other surprise items! Items will be updated countinuously. Get yours to reveal the mystery...
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Gift Card
Are you still worried about what gift to choose for your friends?  We recommend you leave the choice to them! We have launched gift cards of different denominations. Whether it's a memorable holiday or life's little surprise, Vettsy Gift Cards have...
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Wedding Box
Shining the spotlight on our Wedding Box! Whether you're a bride who deserves to treat yourself or you're looking for the perfect bridesmaid proposal gift, this box is the one designed for you and your bridesmaid to shine from head...
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