Halloween Nail Designs Inspiration 2021

Track or Treat? October is around the corner. Are you already feeling the Halloween vibe?  A stunning Halloween manicure always be one of the most important thing for girls to prepare for the Halloween. You've only got 1 month left to prepare for your Halloween nails. Do you get any idea in your mind now? Do you want to try something different this year? Here are 18 gorgeous Halloween designs for you to get some inspiration. Let's see if there's a design hitting your heart.

1. Nude French Almond Set

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Black, white, pumpkin and nude 4 Halloween colors with cute little pumpkins, bats and stars, make this design neat but elegant. Matte effect mix with shiny top make this design more special.
2. Blood and Ghost Set

Image Source
A bloody red coffin set with a simple ghost paint can be not too exaggerating but full of Halloween vibe.
3. Matte Barbie Pink with Spiderweb

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If you want an extraordinary Halloween nail design, this cute barbie pink matte design definitely meets your request. Simple pink, white and black colors with symbolic Halloween spider web paints make this design super cute and refreshing.
4. Purple Witches& Green Devils

Image Source
The purple and green metallic flakes with skeleton and devil take you to a magical world immediately.
5. Colorful Halloween Symbols Set

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Lovely little ghosts, spiders, blood drops on these long coffin nails with all the classic Halloween theme colors-- this classy design can never go out of style for Halloween.
6. Mystery Pinky Forest

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Who said pink cannot be spooky? This pinky set with snow, branches, mushrooms create an mystery but cute Halloween vibe.
7. Black and Red Vampire Style

Image Source
These long black stiletto nails with hollow black hearts on red coffin nails are prefect for you to dress up as a noble vampire.
8. Night Elf

Image Source
Is there a cooler nail design than a glow-in-the-dark one for Halloween? Wearing this manicure, you will be brightest star on the Halloween Eve.
9. Horrible Bloody Long Coffin Nails

Image Source
Don't miss the best opportunity to wear such an exaggerated manicure of the whole year!
10. Milky White Shimmer

Image Source
This design can be the most refreshing Halloween design with these tiny pumpkins and ghosts on the milky white base. And the shimmers make it more pretty.
11. Starry HalloweenNight

Image Source
Stars and moons on the pumpkin orange base with little bats and ghosts draw a picture of an lively Halloween night in your mind the time you see it.
12. Black French Tips with Rhinestones and Skeleton

Image Source
You can wear this elegant design at anytime not just for Halloween. The skeletons add more Halloween vibe to it.
13. Halloween Symbolson Colorful Base

Image Source
Try these Comic ghosts, spiders and eyeballs on different color bases design if you are a comic lover.
14. Glitter Carnival Halloween Set

Image Source
Colorful Halloween symbols encapsulated in clear gels give this design a strong holiday vibe. I've already feel the happiness the time I saw these short almond nails!
15. Black with Laser Flames and Spiderweb

Image Source
These laser stickers just like shiny stars in the dark sky. It's a very simple but super cool design.
16. See through Coffin Mixed with Matte Stiletto

Image Source
Look how cute those teddy bears are! Simple see through stiletto nails mixed with matte coffin nails make this design so unique!
17. Clear Tips with Spiderweb

Image Source
Black and orange jack-o-lanterns with spider web on the clear tips make this design so unique and refreshing.
18. Blood Drips on White French Tips

Image Source
Blood drips on White French tips make a chilling but elegant design. Don't miss it if you are a French manicure lover.
Find your ideal Halloween manicure now? Hurry up to prepare for it right away! Shop our Halloween Collection nail supplies to make your attracting design!

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