How to stop nail biting? Polygel can help!

Are you suffering from ugly, ragged nails caused by uncontrollable nail biting? Although it is a little difficult to break this bad habit, polygel can help a lot to stop biting while giving you beautiful nail designs.

Why do we bite our nails?

Nail biting is one of the body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs), a kind of disorder associated with anxiety. Nail biters usually bite their nails when they feel nervous, bored, lonely, or even hungry.

A lot of nail biters pick up the habit during their childhood and just cannot get rid of it for decades. It is proved to have an inherited tendency on some people.

Health problems caused by nail biting

This bad habit can not only make your nails short, ugly and weak, but also cause bleeding, easy to infect and even make the whole nail removing from your finger.

What's more, every time you bite your nails, the bacteria are transferring between the nails and your mouth, which leads to sever dental problems.

Besides of causing physiological influences, nail biting also have negative impacts on self-esteem and confidence, or result in other mental health issues.

Polygel helps rebuild the bitten nails

Nobody likes unhealthy and ugly nails, especially girls who always pursues beauty. If you are trying to quit biting your nails, polygel overlay or extension can be very helpful.

Do a polygel overlay can add strength to your weak nails to avoid damaging. Do a polygel nail extension can entirely hide your bitten nails with beautiful colors, or you can even do some chic designs on it. Then it allows your nails grow out under the polygel gradually. After about 2 or 3 months, you will get a beautiful and healthy natural nail.

Polygel helps stop nail biting

polygel so strong that you cannot bite it off. Moreover, you don't want to ruin your lovely nails design with your teeth right? That's how polygel helps you stop biting your nails at the beginning. As long as you keep wearing them, you will gradually get rid of this bad habit for good.

Tips on polygel application for nail biters:

  1. If your nails are too thin, please don't do a deep prep. Just remove the shine and dehydrate it before applying polygel on it.
  2. Since your nails are very thin and weak, please don't peel polygel or gel polish off and be careful when you remove them.
  3. Do a fill instead of removing all the polygel and starting over again. Just fill the newly grown out cuticle side can avoid causing damage to your real nail.
  4. A paper form is more suitable to build the polygel if your nail is extremely short.
  5. Don't make the polygel extension too long at the beginning. Long nail extensions will lift easily due to lacking of strength with your short nail bed.
  6. Seek help from a professional manicurist if you think it is too difficult for you to fix your nails with polygel.

Being aware of the problem is the very first step, then you just need to take action and persist. At last, time will witness your success.

Stop biting your nails from getting our high-quality and beginner-friendly polygel starter kit.

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