18 Coolest Summer Toenail Designs to Rock in 2022

While having various attractive manicure is an all-year-round funny thing, pedicure is summer exclusive! It's no big deal to ignore your toes when they are covered. But in summer, they are totally exposed. Besides of keeping them clean and neat, making gorgeous pedicures to match your saddles and beautiful dresses can be the icing on the cake for your whole look.

May is nearly passed by, summer time is just around the corner. It's time to get yourself prepared! Get inspiration from bellow 18 coolest toenail designs to rock this summer!

1. Fresh Blue with Leopard Prints

Animal prints are always so cute and unrefusable! This concise design of fresh blue and leopard prints on both big toes will never go out of date.

2. Bright Colors with Cute Flowers

Bright yellow and green colors, rhinestones and cute tiny flowers with smile face are all symbols of summer. This design is full of fresh and delightful summer vibe!

3. Pure White with Green Leaves

White is a color that you can choose for every season. But pure white with vivid green leaves is absolutely a sunny summer vibe.

4. Plum Mixed with Pink Glitters


This plum color is so gorgeous! Matched with these pink and silver glitters make you a charming princess! This design is your best choice when you wear alluring dresses.

5. Colorful Chunky Glitters with Snow Cat Eye


Love glitters? Try this super dazzling colorful glitters design! These colorful chunky glitters with snow cat eye gels make this whole design so vivacious.

6. Red Strawberries


Fruits can always give you pleasure. These red tiny strawberries are so vivid that reminds you of the sweet taste of a strawberry the moment you see it.

7. Rose Gold Metal Style


This design is easy but so special. The metal mirror effect makes it more than sexy, stylish and stunning. If you are a simple style lover, you will be obsessed with it.

8. Juicy Watermelon


Vote for a kind of fruit which represents the summer, it will definitely come out with watermelon! Look at these juicy watermelon slices, so cute and refreshing.

9. Square White French Tips

Have you ever tried a French design on your toenails? This can be really natural, neat and easily matches all your clothes.

10. Black and Nude Leopard Prints

Black is so classic that it never go out of date, even for a summer nail design. Collocated with some sexy leopard prints, this design will make you the coolest girl in this summer!

11. Mixed Summer Vibe Colors


Water blue, grass green, tartazine, orange, Tangerine, five different lovely bright colors will help to brighten up your summer time.

12. Girlish Red and White Dots


Summer is full of passion, so as color red. This simple design with red dots is so girlish and energetic.

13. Navy Blue with Gold Foils


This clean navy blue and dazzling gold foils mixed design, concise but not boring, is very suitable for a minimalist.

14. Yellow Eggshell


Eggshell designs are always cute and stylish. You can paint the spots by yourself, or you can use a clear eggshell gel polish to complete this design easily.

15. Light Purple with Shell Slices


Where will you think of when you see shells? Beach! Is there any place better than a beach to enjoy your summer time? No. This light purple with shell slices design can be a nice choice for a beach vacation!

16. Colorful Graffiti


This colorful graffiti design just like summer itself, is full of energy and enthusiasm. Wear it to express your hot summer passion!

17. White Sell with Gold Accessories


Apart from basic color application and nail art painting , adding some accessories on the toenails can be extremely eye-catching. The red and gold collocation in this design is so perfect for presenting a chic and noble style.

18. Simple Smoky Blue with Dark Brown


If you don't want to make your toenails too colorful as well as too boring with only 1 color, try this 1 color for each foot design. This smoky blue and dark brown is so cozy and cool to try, or you can choose any 2 colors you like.

If your natural toenails do not have the desired shapes and lengths that you want, then our toe nail tips will be helpful.

Now shop our new solid gel polish and plenty of nail art accessories to make your own summer toenails design!

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