Everything You Need to Know About Cat Eye Gel Polish

The nail trend, nicknamed "cat eye nails" has swept Instagram and is loved by many nail art lovers. Have you ever tried or been drawn to unique and stunning cat eye nail designs? Are you curious about how it works? The name "Cat eye nail" was inspired by the narrow line that shimmers on the nails, which looks like actual cat eyes. Since the colorful magnetic powders contained in the cat eye gel will be attracted to magnets, when you place the magnet over the nails, the magnetic powders will be gathered and stay there to create a galactic effect. 

How many kinds of cat eye gels are there?

Cat eye gel polish is also called magnetic gel polish, which is usually regarded as an upgraded version of glitter gel polish. When you search for it on the Internet, you will find that so many options on the market to dazzle you. Like regular gel polish, the magnetic gel covers almost all the colors we need. Plus, the effects presented by different magnetic gel polishes can be divided into 5 categories: Silver shimmer effect, holographic effect, strong reflective effect, aurora effect, and luminous & fluorescent effect. So how to choose a cat eye gel that suits you best? After knowing more about them, your difficulty in choosing magnetic gel can be easily solved. Let's dive in! You can also get everything about the cat eye gel polish here quickly

1. Magnetic gel with a silver effect


The silver cat eye gel is the most basic and versatile. It has captured the hearts of many nail art lovers with its simple but shiny effect. The transparent gel with a lot of fine shimmers makes it can be matched with any base color at will to let it shine like diamonds on your nails. In addition, it can be used with Ice Cube Decals or various nail powders to create an amazing result! This kind of mermaid cat eye nail design is very popular on Instagram recently!

2. Magnetic gel with a holographic effect


If you've followed any sort of social media trends recently, you've probably heard at least a little bit about holographic nails. It's almost intimidatingly popular. The rainbow cat eye gel is specially designed to create a holo effect. The colorful magnetized particles in it can reflect brilliant colors, and it looks like a rainbow on your nails. You can get a glamorous nail set for music festival events, parties in pubs and anywhere you want to be the star only by pairing the holographic magnetic gel with a vivid color gel.

3. Magnetic gel has a strong reflective effect


Do you know why this kind of cat eye gel can reflect the lights very well? That's a special design! They contain both magnetic glitters and some non-magnetic reflective flash glitters. And all the powders scattered on your nails will look like a galaxy and diamonds, which can help you attract everyone's attention easily. You will never go wrong with the reflective cat eye gel for a date, dance, or concert.

4. Magnetic gel with an aurora effect


We are all familiar with the beautiful aurora light since we often see pictures and videos about it on TV or social media. Imagine how stunning it would be to leave the aurora on your nails! The unicorn cat eye gel can reflect gorgeous light like aurora at different angles, which makes you look more sweet and warm. That's suitable for dating or daily nail art.

5. Magnetic gel with luminous & fluorescent effect


Are you a lively, cool girl? If so, these distinctive cat eye gels are for you. Dense magnetic powders superimposed bold and vivid base color. The luminous effect at night and the fluorescent effect during the day will make your nails very fashionable. It is especially suitable for traveling and sunbathing on the beach.

What tools need to be used with the magnetic gel polish?

We can see a lot of nail art tools for cat eye gel when we intend to buy some magnetic gels, such as some manicure essentials and magnets. So what tools are necessary? Save the picture below and prepare these tools at once, then you can start your nail art journey with cat eye gels right now!


How to apply cat eye gel polish?

After preparing the cat eye gel you like and the tools that suit you, how to use them to create your ideal cat eye effect? Now, let's start the detailed steps!

Step 1: Clean your nails then trim the nail surface.

Step 2: Apply a thin layer of base coat and cure it for the 60s.

Step 3: Fully shake up the cat eye gel polish to make the color balanced.

Step 4: Apply the cat eye gel on the nails and DO NOT cure it.

Step 5: Put the magnet over the nails for 3-5s to make the cat eye effect and cure it.

Step 6: Seal it with a gel top coat and cure it with a UV/LED lamp.


How to use different cat eye magnets for different effects?

Different magnets can create various cat eye effects. And it depends on how you use the magnets. The magnet for cat eye gel polish has many shapes, including flowers, round, square, cylindrical, and so on. Keep reading and you will find the magnet and design you like best!


1. Magnetic Cylinder Wand


This small stub magnet is the most versatile one. You can gain classic and oblique French patterns, wide cat eye, and ombre patterns with it. If you want to take just one magnet with you, this one is your best choice.

2. Magnetic Bar


This magnet is very similar to the rod magnet stick in terms of function, size, and usage, so the patterns they can make are also very similar. The difference between them is that the rectangular shape makes it less likely to slip out of the hand and easier to control.

3. Double-Head Magnet

Almost all cat eye lovers have this double-head cat eye magnet because it is the most convenient tool to create a classic straight-line pattern. The wide rectangular end can cover your entire nail and gather all the magnetic powder quickly, while the other end can be used to make curves. It's very friendly to cat eye nail art beginners.

4. Multi-function Magnet

This multi-function double-head magnet is an ideal tool for attracting magnetic powders anywhere you want on the nails. It can not only create S-curves, and straight lines, but also create cross, French, and wide cat eye effects.

5. Flower & Stripe Magnetic Pen


If you like flowers on the nail, you will absolutely love this specially designed magnet. Just gently place the chic flower head on your nails, and a sparkling flower will appear on your nails. The other end can create random waves. You can create an innovative pattern according to your imagination on your nail.

Tips for getting better cat eye nail effects

There is no doubt we all want it to have the best effect and be long-lasting when we are creating a stunning cat eye nail design. So here are some helpful tips for you!

• Before applying, remove cuticles, trim the edge, and polish your nails well.

Apply a thicker coat of cat eye gel can bring you a better effect.

Hold the magnet as close as possible to the nail for a defined effect.

Do one nail at a time and cure straight away – that way the magnetic particles are cured into place and don't get a chance to dissipate while working with other nails.


To help you obtain comprehensive information about the cat eye gel, we also collected various questions about it and put the answers here. Let's see them together! If your question is still not answered, just feel free to comment below.

1. Do I need to use a base color for the cat eye gel polish?

According to the experience and feedback shared by nail art lovers, cat eye gel will indeed show a better effect when applied on a dark base color. But whether to match your cat eye gel with a base color is entirely up to your preference. There are only two specific cat eye gels that we recommend to be used with a base color since they are in clear bases. They are Rainbow Cat Eye Gel and Super Cat Eye Gel.

2. Can a regular magnet achieve the cat eye effect?

No, it can't. Nail art beginners often make the mistake of trying to use a regular magnet for magnetic gel polish. The effect of a cat eye mani will be affected by the magnetism of the magnet. The magnetism of regular magnets is too small to gather the magnetic powder into a regular shape. So you need the magnets designed for cat eye gels to achieve cat eye nail effects. Moreover, the magnetism of all the magnets will weaken or disappear with time, so just replace your magnet if it can't work well.

3. Is magnetic gel polish safe?

All of Vettsy cat eye gels are 100% safe, and they can be used both on nail tips and natural nails. The only thing we need to do is to see if it contains ingredients that we are allergic to before using it.

4. Can we use other nail products with magnetic gel?

Of course, you can. The rhinestones, charms, stickers, chrome powder, and other nail art products can be used together with cat eye gels.

5. How to remove the magnetic cat eye gel?

The easiest and fastest way to take off magnetic gel polish is to soak in acetone, and then scrape the remainder of the polish off with a removal tool.

After getting more information about cat eye gels, do you already have an idea about the cat eye gel polish that you like best? If so, shop the cat eye gel and start your nail art journey now! 

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