12 Gorgeous Summer Nail Designs For Your Next Manicure

The hottest and most vibrant season of the year has arrived! With holidays, weddings, and summer soirees filling the season, there are plenty of occasions for us to wear a beautiful nail set. In addition, we choose to put on camisoles, skirts, shorts, and sandals to make us feel more comfortable in hot weather.

In short, summer is the perfect time to get bold and try out the bright nail colors we've stashed away for winter. Whether it's a minimalist style or a complex style full of decorations, you can try it casually in summer. Have you prepared the nail design for summer? If not, we have collected the 6 most trendy nail designs and 6 pedicure designs for you to choose from! Let's dive in!

Top Summer Nails 2023

1. Groovy Barbie


Draw the crowd's attention by getting this nail set! It features a mix of French style and a neon Barbie pink color decorated with multicolored rhinestones, tiny golden stars, and beads. The long stiletto nail tips make it looks cool, while the jelly nude pink base adds some sweet atmosphere to the whole design, so it looks both sweet and cool! It will be the best choice for your date and parties this summer.

Products used:

Chrome Painting Gel-Gold


2. Sun of Summer

neon-nail-design-for-summer-Aura- nails

Have you tried the latest trend in nail art designs-Aura nails? It's kind of like mood ring nails, but instead of changing colors, you can pick the color you want your aura to be. If you are a neon nail lover, why don't you combine different neon colors and nail powders to create a unique Aura nail set? Apply the color gels you like as the base, then apply your favorite neon powders in a circular shape and rub gently on each nail! In particular, the colorful circles between the base and the fluorescent powders make the idea more interesting! All of these colors are as dazzling as the rainbow and sun in summer, which can bring you vitality and passion at any time! Trending Aura Nail Tutorial.

Products used:

Neon Nail Powder


3. Starry Sky


Who can resist the charm of cat eye nails? The shimmering effect of the cat eye nail design makes it works well with starry sky-themed decorations. Gold stars and moons symbolize guidance and hope and sparkle on the shimmery finish. It seems that the galaxy stays on your nails. The milky jelly white adds more elegance and mystery to the nail set. It's perfect for people who like to travel or camp in the summer.

Products used:

Solid Gel-31

Aurora Cat Eye Gel-CE11/CE03

4. Mermaid Princess


Where is the best place to go in summer? The first answer pop into most people's mind is definitely the sea and the beach! Wearing 3D shell nails when you are walking or sunbath on the beach, surfing, and swimming in the sea must be very stunning and interesting. Light blue tones are paired with shiny pearls. And some 3D shell curves and gold ornaments are added to spice up the design. The icing on the cake is the silver cat eye effect created by the unicorn cat eye gel and the white gradient lines under the 3D shells to look as vivid and beautiful as the waves. What's more, the release of the Disney movie The Little Mermaid also lets people know more about the beauty and fantasy of mermaids. This gorgeous mermaid nail will definitely make you as charming as the mermaid princess. Mermaid's Dreamy Shells Nail Design Tutorial.

Products used:

Unicorn Cat Eye Gel Polish-UC04

5 in 1 Top Coat

5. Bright Stars


If you're inclined toward bold manicures, holographic chrome nails are a must-try. This daring mani combines three major nail trends: neon color, holo chrome, and hand-painted patterns. The neon fuchsia really pops under the chrome and attracts people's attention. While the colorful light reflected by the holographic chrome powder is as gorgeous as a rainbow. In addition, the hand-painted French patterns, stars, flowers, and checks make the design unique. It's easy to fall in love with it when you see it at first sight. Fuchsia Holographic Nails Tutorial.

Products used:


Hema-Free Gel- CRUSH

Holographic Nail Chrome

6. Vineyard

Aurora-cat eye-nail-purple-nail-design

Have you ever wondered what will happen when you combine ice cube decals and mermaid nail powders? Purple jelly nails with a vibrant shade lolookike ripe grapes on your nails, and will instantly be your cup of tea. And some super sweet mermaid nail powders make your nails look so stunning! The aurora lights from the cube decals will bring fantasy memories to your summer days. The perfect combination of aurora nail design and ice nail art makes the nail set look so delicious and clear, which can bring you a cool feeling in the hot summer. Summer Limited-Aurora Ice Cube Nails Tutorial.

Products used:

Solid Gel Polish-125 ENCORE

 Mermaid Nail Powder-04

Ice Cube Decals

Top Summer Pedicures 2023

For the beauty lovers of the world, summer means that frequent pedicures just became a top priority for those dreamy, beachside moments spent blissfully barefoot. Whether you are a loyal client of nail salons or a nail art lover that much prefers at-home polish painting life. You can get inspiration for your summer mani from these 6 stunning pedicures!

1. Dreamy Pink


Hailey Bieber inspired a new nail trend with her glazed donut manicures. If you spent any time on Instagram or TikTok in the past few months, you're bound to know something about it. Have you tried the Aurora mirror nail art yet? With nude base color plus mermaid nail powder, you can get a super shiny and gorgeous nail set with very simple steps. Imagine how beautiful your look will be under the sun or the spotlight with the aurora-like light on your toenails. Simple Charming Pink Aurora Pedicure Tutorial.

Products used:

Solid Gel-66

Mermaid Nail Powder-04

2. Midsummer Night's Dream


Experimenting with different color combinations is encouraged when it comes to creating your customized cat eye nail design. The black base brings the colorful cat eye nails better results, thus the simple design can give you a gorgeous effect. The different colors and lights under different angles make the design simple but super shiny. You will be the star at a banquet or dance by wearing it. Galaxy Cat Eye Pedicure Tutorial.

Products used:

Aurora Cat Eye Gel-CE09/ CE12/ CE03

3. Sea Breeze


Are you looking for a manicure idea that will be both dramatic and elegant at the same time? This one is for you! Nude nails are quite popular because these subtle shades will work for any occasion. However, if you would like to spice things up just a bit, you can add some vivid elements with the shell and gold foils. What's more, apply some peary unicorn gel with gold ornament to take the nail art to a new level of elegance.

Products used:

Solid Gel Polish-33

Unicorn Gel Polish-UG01

4. Cherry Love


Cherry is a delicious food associated with many romantic occasions, so we say they're in season for nail sets all year around. Give the sweet red toenails romantic flair with the hand painting cherries and clear rhinestones. Match them with a pair of glam sandals that will earn you endless compliments on any occasion.

Products used:

Hema-Free Gel- PARADISE

Hema-Free Gel- THE IVY

Solid Gel Polish-33

5. Sunny Day


Colorful uplifting parades with floats and celebrities, joyous festivals, workshops, picnics, and parties are celebrated in June. So it goes without saying that June is the perfect time to wear iridescent nails. If you want to take it up a notch for your rainbow nail design, how about having some glitter on top of them? Candy-like undertones give this nail art summer vibes. Adding a few glitters can be the easiest way to double the charm of the nail set! The colors of the sequins on the big toe echo the colors of the other toes can be the chicest design. Get it to make the festivals in June more fun.

Products used:

Solid Gel-99


6. Blue Candy


The trend of pairing a bright base color with 3D floral accents seems to stay all the time. The combination of lake blue and lemon yellow makes the design very vibrant. While the pink 3D line makes the nails cuter. This cute pedicure is ideal for who's excited about the simple style but wants to stay closer to his own kawaii style. Pastel Color Cute Summer Pedicure Tutorial.

Products used:


If you can never decide on one color for your nails, choose one of these designs and just get it on your nails. These summer nails are super fun and funky, perfect for any summer looks.


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