10 Trending & Coziest Winter Nail Designs in 2022

When you suddenly feel the temperature drop, you should realize that it is time for your manicure to make the change.  We don't t have 100 designs for you to choose from, but we have the manicure you want. Keep browsing to quickly decide on your winter nail in minutes.

1.3D Pop Art


No matter how many times we see this popular nail art design, we can't help but doubt its authenticity. That's because we thought this look would only appear in cartoons and comics. However, it is not difficult to accomplish this design. All you need are highly pigmented gel polish and a liner brush. You can also make a few changes. Such as applying a matte top coat or adding some hand-painting to get another amazing result.

Products used:

Liner Gel Set-Classic

2. Red Allure

What's more classic than red nails? This manicure is a little retro and a little simple, but very eye-catching. No matter which angle you look at it from, your eyes will be fascinated by the flash of light it emits. In order not to make this style look so monotonous, we also added some French elements to make her more attractive. It looks like we've made it.

Products used:

Nail Glitters-Hibiscus
Solid Jelly Gel-92

3.Double Ombre Version 1

In 2022 there are many popular nail art designs. This double-ombre French style impresses all those who love nail art. But we made it even more special and unique. We use cat eye gel to make it more shiny and outstanding. Honestly, this is a winter design.

Products used:

Solid Gel-14

Aurora Cat Eye Gel-CE06

4.Double Ombre Version 2

It's easy to see why cat-eye designs have always been so popular. With stunning looks, changing colors, and inspirations, who can escape the charm of this perfect design? Compared to the first version, we made a few changes above. We made up-and-down gradient designs with black shadows. It looks as dreamy as the rings of planets.

Products used:

Solid Gel-14

Aurora Cat Eye Gel-CE08

5. Snowy Pink

This nail art is inspired by flying snowflakes. Snowflakes whirling at your fingertips are unique and interesting. For a festive winter vibe, we added red reflective glitter gel to impress. Maybe it's hard to achieve at home, but you can take it to a nail salon. No doubt this is sure to amaze all your friends.

Products used:

Solid Gel-92

Liner Gel-05

Reflective Neon Gel-06

6. Leisurely Time

When is the most pleasant time in the cold winter? It must have been a leisurely afternoon tea on a sunny day. This manicure is not as stunning, but it looks warm and cozy. Harmonious color matching, and different designs, let you exude a demure temperament at any time.

Products used:

Solid Gel-15

Solid Gel-39

Solid Gel-09

Solid Gel-30

7. Ice Age

Tired of bright colors and busy designs? Then we recommend this nail art style that best suits you. The perfect blend of neutral tones and textured metallic glue keeps you understated without being dull. This is one of the most versatile nail art you can have this winter.

Products used:

Solid Gel-31

Chrome Painting Gel-Silver

8. Wine

It's hard not to be noticed if you're rocking a wine glass with such a retro manicure. The dark red shade is as alluring as red wine, the ever-popular French design, and 3D floral charms. You might think that this is hard to achieve, but it doesn't require any tricky techniques. We provide French guide stickers and 3D nail art mold to make retro-perfect nail art designs at home easy.

Products used:

Solid Gel-39

3D Nail Art Mold-Flower 07

Solid Gel-15

9. Snowstorm

Let's fall into the snow wonderland together. Only here you can admire the golden flowers. Whether or not the country you live in is covered in snow, keep your eyes on this design. You don't have to spend much patience and skill to draw realistic snowflakes, just use 5D stickers to achieve it. We hope to be well into this winter with this blizzard.

Products used:

Chrome Painting Gel-Gold

Christmas Stickers-Santa

Solid Gel-15

10. Sea Trip

A warm and comfortable sweater is essential during the cold winter months. To make you feel the care from it, we have prepared a style that will go with all your sweater nails. The classic plaid design will not look boring, but inject a touch of vitality into this winter. 

Products used:

Solid Gel-15

Solid Gel-12

Just say hi to the coming winter and hug it with a new manicure. Although it is cold and gloomy in winter, our love for nail art won't.

Vettsy will take you through the holiday and straight into the new year.


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