UV Solid Nail Tips Glue
Have you heard of this solid false nail tips glue before? This new nail tech is absolutely a game-changer! Non-floating solid status makes it super easy to apply and shape your nail tips. It can also be used for rhinestone...
Gel Polish Magic Remover
Say goodbye to nail salons! Gel polish removal can be so easy with this magic remover. It bursts the gel polish in 3-5 minutes without any burnning and does no harm to your real nail. This magic remover makes it...
Cuticle Oil Pen Set
Description: Item: Cuticle Oil Pen Set Capacity: 5ml x 4 Usage: 1.Apply a small amount of nutrient oil around the trimmed double-finger skin and massage it with your fingers to moisturize the finger skin. 2.Moisturizes the skin around the nails, making...
$5.99 $4.99
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16W Mini Rose UV/LED Nail Lamp - Pink(Manual)
Check this 16W high power mini USB Rose shaped nail lamp out! It's fast drying, easy to carry and suitable for nail tips curing and any other fast curing. 4 colors and manual/touch model to choose. Grab now to make...
Mini Nail Art LED Lamp
Are you having trouble keeping your rhinestones in place, making stickers and glitters stick firmly without lifting? Here comes a good helper! Our fast cure mini LED lamp with a silicon stamper head can easily make the rhinestones, glitters, dired...
Air-dry Nail Tips Glue
7g Fast Drying Nail Glue for False Nails Glitter Acrylic Decoration with Brush False Nail Tips Design Faux Nail Care Tools Description: Type: Nail Glue Weight: 7g Quantity: 1bottle Color: Transparent Package Content: Air-dry Nail Tips Glue (7g) x 1 Click Here for...
$12.99 $3.99
Acetone Remover Wraps
This acetone remover wraps help you soak the gel polishes off conveniently and easily. Item: Acetone Remover Wraps Ingredient: Acetone Quantity: 50pcs/bag Weight: About 60g Package Content: Acetone Remover Wraps x 1 Click Here for more remover & glue
$16.99 $6.99
6W Portable UV/LED Nail Lamp
Vettsy™ 6W Portable UV/LED Nail Curing Lamp is suitbale for both manicure & pedicure. Fast curing all kinds of nail gels without hurting. The fordable deisgn makes it super easy to carry and store. Item: Portable UV/LED Nail Curing Lamp Material: ABS...
Nail Tips Clipper
Nail Tips Clipper is an all-in-one nail maintenance device that functional, versatile, and easy-to-use. It is made of high-quality stainless steel and plastic, which is durable and resistant to rust. This nail tips clipper has three cutting angles to meet all your...
Nail Tips Adhesive Gel
Vettsy makes manicure more and more convenient! Here comes our new nail tips adhesive gel! This thick adhesive gel gives you a better control of the amount, as easy as squeezing toothpaste! And its strong adhesion can free your hands from holding it...
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48W Professional UV/LED Nail Lamp - Pink
48W High Power Professional UV/LED Lamp Nail Dryer suitbale for both manicure & pedicure. Fast curing all kinds of nail gels without hurting. Your good choice for salon or home use. Item: Professional UV/LED Lamp Material: ABS Plastic Color: Pink/White Power:...
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Quartz Nail File Pen
You can use this quartz nail file pen to effectively clean dead skin and polish the inside of the nail tips to a matte state that the nail file can't reach.It is definitely more convenient than a nail file. Designed as...
5W Handheld UV/LED Nail Lamp
5W Handheld UV/LED Lamp Nail Dryer is super convenient to carry and use. It's especially suitbale for nail art paiting and accessories design. It can be used for both manicure & pedicure. Fast curing all kinds of nail gels without...
$25.99 $17.99
Rhinestone Glue
Are you still troubled by rhinestones falling off easily after you've made a stunning nail set? Try this super strong no wipe nail rhinestone glue out! Item: Nail Art Rhinestone Glue Quantity: 1 Bottle Volume: 10ml Package Content: Vettsy Rhinestone Glue x 1...
Latex Tape
Vettsy high quality latex tape protects your skin from contacting with gel polish. It's super useful when you are making nail art designs and removing gel polishes. ⭐ Fast Air-dry & Effective Protection ⭐ High Quality & Low Odor ⭐ Cruelty-free &...
Nail Prep Dehydrator
Vettsy high quality nail prep dehydrator makes your natural nails clean and dry, makes gel polishes ahere to your nails firmly and makes your manicure long-lasting and non-chipping. ⭐ Easy, Perfect Nail Prep & Strong Bonding ⭐ High Quality & Low Odor ⭐ Cruelty-free &...
Acid-free Primer
Vettsy high quality acid-free primer protects your natural nails, makes gel polishes ahere to your nails firmly and makes your manicure long-lasting and non-chipping. ⭐ Strong Adhesion & Long-lasting  ⭐ High Quality & Low Odor ⭐ Cruelty-free & Non-toxic Item: Acid-free Primer Materials:...
Dust Brush
This lovely pink dust brush helps you remove extra glitters, powders easily without damaging the products on your nails.  Item: Dust Brush Color: Pink Net Weight: 28g Size: 20*5cm Package Content: Dust Brush x 1 Click Here for mor nail...
Rainbow Manicure Kit
This highly quality rainbow color stainless steel manicure kit will help you take good care of your nails as well as having your nails well preped for a manicure. ⭐ Stylish Rainbow Color  ⭐ High Quality Stainless Steel ⭐ Chic Leather Packaging...
Gel Polish Remover Tool
This high quality stainless steel gel polish remover helps you scrap the soften gel polish off your nails easily without hurting your natural nail. It's your must-have removal tool! Item: Gel Polish Remover Tool Material: Stainless Steel Size: 12.5cm Package Content:...
Sanding Bands with Mandrel
Our Professional Sanding Bands revolutionize your professional nail art work! You can easily to use it to work for manicure and create your perfect nail shape! It helps you to "bring your beauty salon home" and do your own manicures...
Portable Nail Drill Machine-Pink
Three Chic Colors Portable Nail Drill Machine. This drill is suitable for both home and salon use. It makes your manicure much easier and quicker. ⭐ Rechargable & Portable ⭐ Chic Colors & Design ⭐ High Speed & Low Noise ⭐ Adjustable...
Press On Adhesive Tabs
Clear jelly adhesive tabs special designed for press-on nails. No need to cure and easy to remove.  ⭐ Easy to Apply & Long-lasting ⭐ Special Deisgned for Press-On Nails Item: Press On Adhesive Tabs Size: 7*8cm(12 sizes/sheet) Quantity: 10 sheets/packet (24 stickers/sheet)...
Nail File & Buffer Set
Vettsy Nail Buffers are made with top quality sandpaper, ECO sponges and strong emery board materials,which allows you to buff and shine your fingernails with just one nail buffer. They are great for filing nails before nail treatment and nail extension. Whether...
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