The 24 Newest Solid Gels for Nail Art

Picking out a solid gel polish among the wide array of options you're faced with can prove to be no easy feat. After all, you could be faced with hundreds of colors and finish options, like smooth creams, shiny glitters, and hazy jelly. If you're still not sure what color to try next and you're looking for inspiration for where to begin, you can take a look at our guide to the 24 newest solid gels for nail art.

Whether you're looking for the darkest jelly black or summer nail colors like neon green, you won't be disappointed here. Read on to find your new favorite shade.

Introducing the 24 Vettsy new solid gels.

According to the characteristics of the formula in different solid gels, they can be divided into three categories: solid cream gel, solid jelly gel, and solid glitter gel.

We have solid gel polish in more than a hundred colors before. But these colors seem not to be enough for nail enthusiasts. So here come 24 new colors after we investigated and collected ideas on all the social platforms, which contain the most special and fresh colors.

Of course, different kinds of solid gel polishes also have applicable styles when making nail sets. Let's continue to see what kinds of nail designs they can create separately!

What you can create with 24 New Solid Gels?

1. Nail ideas for 7 new solid cream gel polishes


The solid cream gel is the most versatile and the most colorful. It covers almost all the colors you want to use in daily nail art, from minimalist nude to bold darks. Among the 24 newest colors, there are 7 cream-textured gel polishes. These colors are vibrant and more saturated, which are perfect for spring and upcoming summer.

For example, #113-maya blue is a very natural and fresh color. When we see this color on our nails, we can't help but think of the sea, fresh air, or beach...So it is very suitable for your outdoor activities, such as travel, a date or a picnic. While the #114-cobalt blue is a very bright and stylish color, it always reminds people of gems, bustling cities, and gorgeous clothing. Many stars like it a lot, for example, Rihanna once did nail art in cobalt blue to participate in activities.

I have to say, fluorescent neon shades are the perfect tool for making a bold statement and letting people know you're not afraid to stand out. So if you want to grab everyone's attention at your upcoming parties, #115 harlequin green and #116 -home depot orange will be your best choice. Or if you like classic but gorgeous colors, then #118 and #119 can definitely win your heart. The classic candy red and raspberry red are perfect for any occasion and outfit.

Compared with liquid gel, the lid cream gel has higher pigment and brightness. So it will be dazzling even if you just apply one layer of cream gel to your nails. Plus, you can use two colors together for gradient smudge, French, and swirl nails... In addition, you can also choose the color you like best as a base color for your cat eye nail art, which can bring better results to it.

2. Nail ideas about 7 new solid jelly gel polishes


For the unfamiliars, solid jelly gel polish acts almost like a shiny lip gloss for their nails. As its name "jelly" suggests, it looks translucent and not overly ostentatious. Your nails will be regarded as natural nails in very good condition after you apply a nude or light pink jelly gel on them. These traditional colors are suitable for girls who are looking for a natural and fresh manicure style.

Thus most of our previous jelly gels are about lighter nude and pink, followed by a rose red and heather purple. But since the jelly nails from the 90s are the latest trend to get a serious revamp, we developed 7 very bold and vivid colors that are quite different from the previous ones. Pure black, banana yellow, cobalt blue, India green, and violet purple are all included in the new colors.

They will add glamor to your nails without looking thick. Besides, the most notable thing is these solid jelly gels can also be layered on top of glitters and cat eye gels to add a hazy look to your nail art without covering up the original color. The "jelly sandwich manicure" catches the attention of many manicurists with its sparkly yet understated look. It can complement any plans or outfits, whether that includes a date or a party anywhere. There is no doubt that choosing a favorite jelly color to your personal preferences will make you happiest when you look down at your nails for the next weeks.

3. Nail ideas about 10 new solid glitter gel polishes


Among the newest solid gel polishes, the gel polish with the largest proportion is glitter gel. The new color gels from #102 to #112 all contain glitters or powders. You can definitely find a solid glitter gel that suits you best from them quickly. The highlight of these new colors is that they contain barbie pink, periwinkle purple, and baby blue--very cute and warm colors. If you like both glitters and jelly gels, you can get everything you like in #105-#108.

Different sizes of the glitters contained in the solid glitter gels will bring us different effects on the nail sets. The 10 new solid color gels contain very small powders, which will add the perfect touch of subtle shimmer and shines to the nails. In addition, they will make your nails look a little more matte in indoor lighting but super glossy in natural sunlight. As we all know that using the solid glitter gel to paint patterns on top of other color gels is the easiest way to double the charms of your nail designs. Whether at a festival party or a banquet, if you want to stand out from the crowd, you will never go wrong by choosing a colored solid glitter gel.

What do you need to use with solid gel polish?

Using solid nail polish does not require too many special tools. It is enough to have the following things.

1. Nail brush to apply the solid gel polish.

2. UV/LED Light to dry each layer of your solid gel polishes.

3. Base Coat and Top Coat to create a long-lasting finish to your nail art.

4. Some other solid gel colors and nail decorations, whatever you like!

Whether you love a simple or delicate style, our solid gel polishes can help you achieve the desired effect. If you have never used solid gel polish before, you can refer to our previous blog: 2021 New Trend: Multifunctional Highly Pigmented Solid Gel Polish

It covers all the details and methods of using solid gel nail polish. The world of solid nail polish is so colorful, and there must be one that can meet your needs. So just go for it and try out solid gels, you'll be addicted! If you want to share any nail art made by the solid gel polishes with us, just tag #vettsynails on Instagram at any time!

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