Celebrate Fall With 12 Ultra-pretty and Unique Nail Designs

How are you going to celebrate fall? Not ready yet? That's okay, let's start with updating the nail art! All fall colors are pumpkin, caramel, and everything is warm. Here are 12 trendy and super-beautiful fall nail art designs that will help you achieve that. Don't forget to save your favorite designs for later use. enjoy!


1. Fall Palette

The oil painting-like look and matte texture make this design stand out. The irregular color blocks are spliced together, which does not violate the harmony but also makes the whole design full of autumn atmosphere. This textured design impressed us a lot.

Products Used:

Solid gel-04

Solid gel-09

Solid gel-27

Solid gel-12

Matte Top Coat

2. Fall Marble

Bump up a classic fall nail with marble tips. It perfectly matches the brown tones of autumn without any complicated design, and the smudged design looks casual and decent, adding a touch of sophistication and casualness to your nail art. You don't have to worry about how to achieve this blooming effect, vettsy solid blooming gel can help you make it easier.

Products Used:

Blooming Gel

Solid Gel-45

Solid Gel-31

3. Siberian

If you want to make sure your hands get noticed all autumn long, give this look a try. Delicate 3D petals and lovely floral charms are accented on a bright blue shade and then embellished with beautiful Siberian-inspired stickers. This design has been enough to show how much we value and love this autumn.

Products Used:

Solid Gel-88

3D Nail Sculpture Gel-White

4. Macaroon

If you're reluctant to let go of the summer vibe, this gradient manicure expresses that beautifully. By combining different colors with rainbow cat eye gel, this look is both sophisticated and fun. This design is friendly to all beginners and can be done entirely at home alone, saving time and money from going to the salon. You can also change these base colors to your favorite colors.

Products Used:

Solid Gel Set-Macaroon

Rainbow Cat Eye Gel

5. Fall Rainbow

If nothing impresses you more than minimalism, this nail design is everything you need to get ready for the season! You're going to love this elegant yet simple purple look. It has a classic fall color palette with shimmery effects. When you look up close, you can see that these glitters are as mesmerizing as a rainbow, and you can't help but want to take a second look.

Products Used:

Rainbow Cat Eye Gel

Gel Polish Set-Rouge

6. Stiletto French

You can never go wrong with a perfect French manicure and this combination of pure nude with a white stiletto French is stunning! Silver spider gel and delicate flower stickers add some romance to this classic French look! Do you notice the white furry decoration? It's cute, right? By the way, it's removable.

Products Used:

Solid Gel-15

Solid Gel-03

Carnival Party Gel-04

7. Floral French

Even if the fall foliage starts to fade, you can still maintain some vibrant color. Nude shade color gives it a neutral look and elegance in this French design. The fingertips are dotted with some gorgeous dried flowers to give it a less old-school look and you can see the vibrancy of fall nail art through it.

Products Used:

Gel Polish Set-Nude Jade

Liner Gel-White

8. Plaid

Nothing says fall more than plaid. It is everywhere in the autumn, so let's add them to your fall nails. The crescent moon French, the love shape French, and the irregular French are all on your manicure, which is very visible.

Products Used:

Solid Gel-61

Solid Gel-45

Solid Gel-15

9. Orange

There is no doubt that oranges belong to autumn because they always bring vitality to the bleak autumn. This design also adds some leaves, they seem to sway in the autumn wind. How can we not indulge in such an enchanting figure?

Products Used:

Solid Gel-30

Solid Gel-15

10. Zebra Print

Animals may be migrating before it gets too cold, but these beautiful zebra prints can stick around on your nails. Animal prints are exciting and fun! Decorating your nails with similar prints will give your manicure a dashing and brutal look. The base color is a light caramel color, which will not steal the limelight of the zebra pattern at all, and can also show the atmosphere of autumn very well.

Products Used:

Solid Gel-47

Solid Gel-14

11. Sunflowers

Floral nail art never goes out of style, it can be a nail art theme all year round. But if you want to make your floral manicure more interesting, use carving glue to create a three-dimensional flower! Then use a gradient design to create a more eye-catching look that will make everyone envious of your manicure.

Products Used:

Solid Gel-47

Solid Gel-27

3D Nail Sculpture Gel-Yellow

12. Glitter Nails

Get ready to grab all the attention with a sophisticated manicure that doesn't require any professional manicure skills or manicure tools. You just need to stick these colorful round rhinestones to your nail surface. Bring the perfect fall update with super pretty rhinestones on your fingertips. Hit the fall with this design!

Products Used:

Rhinestone Glue

Flat Back Rhinestones-05

We hope that you are as excited and satisfied with these designs as we are. Autumn is short, take the time to find out what's trending this fall, you're sure to find some special designs here. Remember that our love for autumn doesn't stop when it's over.

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