Beginner Guide for Applying Acrylic Nail Tips at Home

Every woman wants a pair of beautiful hands, and nail care becomes particularly important. We can extend the length of your nails at the end of your nails, making your nails longer and not different from natural growth nails. After making the nail extension, we can try more tricks on this basis, so how to make nail extensions? You can visit a nail salon, but it will be expensive and troublesome, so we can learn how to apply nails by ourselves at home.

1. Prepare the materials and tools:

No crease nail tips

Fast-drying nail glue

Nail file

Nail tip cutter

And please read the instructions of your nail tips so that we can process next easily.

2. Choose suitable nail tips for yourself

There are a variety of nail tips on the market with different colors. If you want to be more natural, you can choose a transparent color, of course, you can choose other colors if you like. Choose the size after choosing the colors, there are nails arranged from small to large in the nail set. Before you start, you must choose a nail that is the same size as your natural nail. Please take out nail tips and place them on your nails for comparison, so that it is easier to draw conclusions.

3. Clean your natural nails

First wash your hands and clean off any nail polish. Gently push your cuticles back with our cuticle pusher, ensuring no cuticle remains on the nail bed, as the nail tips will not stick to them.

If necessary, you can clip your natural nail down to keep a short shape for applying nail tips easily, and then lightly buff the surface of your natural nails to remove all shine. This makes the glue lasts and doesn't bubble up or chip.

4. Apply nail tips

Apply a small amount of nail glue on the fake nail. Please allow the glue to fuse with the nail without letting bubbles appear in it. (If you are afraid of glue hurting your natural nails, you can apply a top coat to protect your nails before applying glue.) Then put the selected nail of the corresponding size on it, be sure to perfectly overlap with the natural nail, press it with your hand for 10 seconds to make it adhere firmly or until you can feel the tip has stuck.

5. Repeat this for all your nails.

6. Trim your nails

The tips of your nails are very long and you need to trim them to the length you desired with nail tip cutters. File down the nail tip to the shape you would like, such as square, almond, oval, round and stiletto.

7. Shaping

Gently buff the side and tip of the nail. In order to make the new nail have the same curvature as the natural nail, you can place the index finger and thumb on both sides of the nail and gently press to make it appear natural.

8. Finally, clean your nail and apply a base coat then you can design new art on your nails.

Poly gel nail extension is also a good choice for nail beginners. Check this post to learn how to use poly gel nail extensions.

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