2021 New Trend: Multifunctional Highly Pigmented Solid Gel Polish

Are you still looking for a one-stroke gel polish? Do you want a highly pigmented gel to make your nail art painting more vivid and outstanding? Our latest released highly pigmented solid gel polish meets your requirements perfectly!

Multifunctional Highly Pigmented Gel

What is Solid Gel Polish?

Just as the name indicates, a highly pigmented solid gel polish is a special kind of gel polish that is in solid state instead of regular liquid state.

The unique non-floating feature makes it easier to carry and store without worrying about leaking. It will be safe even if you drop it off accidentally. What's more, it's creamy texture makes it super easy and smooth to apply. You will definitely enjoy the satisfying application process!

The highly pigmented formula enables one-stroke application for a great look that a regular gel polish needs 2-3 layers to reach. Moreover, it's an ideal gel for nail art painting and ombre design.

Reasons Why You Must Have One.

This solid gel polish has so many highlights that you cannot refuse to get one!

  • Highly Pigmented
  • Long-lasting
  • Cruelty-free
  • One-stroke
  • Non-floating
  • Creamy Texture
  • Easy to Store and Apply
  • High Quality with Reasonable Price
  • Suitable for Painting, Lining, Shading and etc.

Multiple Usage of Highly Pigmented Solid Gel Polish.

This wonderful gel can be used for several purposes and help you make a lot of different designs such as:

1. Long-lasting single color application. There are 24 colors for you to choose.

2. Lovely flower and cute animal painting. Highly pigmented and non-floating features of it makes nail art painting more vivid and attracting.

3. Chic Ombre design. This thick solid gel polish will be easier than regular gel polish to make an nice Ombre design.

4. Elegant blooming design. Blooming designs are usually made by ink polishes, but you can also use this solid gel to make it without buying extra ink polish.

5. Checker design and lining. Due to its non-floating feature, the solid gel polish can be your good helper of drawing clear lines on the nail.

How to Apply Solid Cream Gel Polish Step-by-step Tutorial

Don't know how to apply this new product exactly? Check the step-by-step tutorial out

1. Trim your nails to the proper length and file into the shape you like.

2. Push your cuticles back and cut them off. (Be careful of cutting too much of it or even cutting your skin.)

3. File off the shine on your nail beds, make it clean and dry. (You can use a dehydrator to make it dry enough. A good prep is the key point to make your nail design last around 3 weeks.)

4. Apply a thin layer of base coat (any base coat will do) and cure about 30 seconds under a UV/LED light.

5. Use a UV gel brush to take out some solid gel polish from the jar and gently brush it on your nail. (Do not apply the gel on your skin or cuticle. It will cause lifting easily. If you make it by accident, clean the extra gel with 70% alcohol before you cure it.)

6. Cure the gel for about 60 seconds. (You can apply another layer of solid gel before top coat if you want.)

7. Apply a thin layer of top coat and cure.

8. Your single color application completed!

Now get this multifunctional highly pigmented gel polish to prepare for your summer designs!

Only $29.99 for a 3 colors set with a free brush! High quality and big bargain! Grab now!

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