12 Stunning Spring Nail Art Designs You Can Try in 2023

The cold winter has finally made its exit, allowing a warm breeze to come through and remind us that spring is just here. You might be looking for the perfect nail art to match your outfits. When going out to enjoy the beautiful scenery with your friends or family, well-decorated nails not only give you a fresh look, but also make you stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to spring nail art, what element is in your mind first? Flowers, butterflies, or cute animals? To meet the different needs of manicure lovers, we've included 12 special nail arts in this list, from the minimalist style to the over-the-top style!

1. Muse


Adding lace to your nail art is a great way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to it, do you agree with that? Lace nail is a good choice for both festive occasions like prom or wedding and daily life. If you are not good at painting on nails, just choose colorful gel polishes as the base colors, then match them with your favorite lace stickers. Without complicated steps, it keeps the elegant atmosphere at your fingertips for a whole spring.

Products used:

Solid Gel-07/15/23/25/45/61/77

Spider Gel-Gold

Nail Art Mold-Bohemian

2. Strawberry Sweet


Red nails will never be out of date! Why? Because red manicures can always be amazing and fit your outfit best in all seasons. Glam up your red nails with some beautiful flowers, cherries, hearts, or whatever you like, and you'll be the star in the spring!

The combination of pink and red color adds more sweetness to the romantic atmosphere. There is no doubt that it is the best choice for your spring date.

Products used:

Solid Gel-05/09/15/36/86

Beginner Brush Set

3. Daisies Under the Sun


Excited about spring? You'll never go wrong with daisies on nails for Spring, doesn't it? Fresh little daisies, bright stripes, and pearls make this manicure so unique, it'll not be the same one as others' mani! In addition, adding these flowers as accents to your nails will surely remind you of the beautiful story in the spring.

Products used:

Solid Gel-08/10/29/33

Nail Stickers-Sunflower

4. Pink Dream


What makes a nail design amazing is that you don't need to follow any rules. You can do whatever you want just like adding dots, and colorful lines on pink-colored nails. It's totally unequaled! You will love how chic the shimmery pink color is on long stiletto nails. Plus, adding some charms on top of the nail art absolutely doubles the charm.

Products used:

Solid Gel-18/25/72/73

Nail Sticker-Glitter/Butterfly

5. Elegant Princess


White manicure is always considered to be an elegant combination of modern and classic. Best of all, it can complement just about any look! If you're a white manicure lover, this one is perfect for you.

The white base with exquisite hand-made rose keeps you noble and elegant at all times. Being a neutral shade, white goes well with all colors. That means you can change the color of the rose on the white nails according to your preference casually!

Products used:

Solid Gel-15/31

Mermaid Gel-MG01

3D Nail Art Mold-Flower07

6. Blue Sky


If you're more into smooth nail art than textured one, you can try it. Blue is loved by most people since it's the same color as the sky in Spring and looks so clean and bright. The simple style is very friendly to beginners, and the decoration of the swirl makes it more charming and interesting. If you want to start your journey with nail art this spring, it will be your best choice.

Products used:

Solid Gel-25/31

Reflective Glitter Gel-RD01

7. Classic Love


Plaid tends to come and go in style, but it's back and perfect for nail art now! Any colors you love can be combined to create this kind of nail art so it looks great with any outfit. When we go out for a picnic, mountain climbing, or traveling in spring, we can't help but take a lot of photos. At that time, the colorful plaids on your nails can add more fun to your travel. Enjoy spring with it to the fullest!

Products used:

Solid Gel-18/22/29/30/71/77/81

Liner Brush Set

8. Double Charming


Cat eye nail art is always stunning and it can catch everyone's eye easily, which makes it a must-try DIY manicure for nail art lovers in all seasons. Go for a deeper shade of purple if you don't want something too loud on your nails. Pairing your cat eye nails with a gradient design to make them gorgeous at any angle even without any other decorations.

Products used:

Flowery Cat Eye-FC03

9. Peaceful Garden


Flower nail is a popular choice when it comes to spring nail designs. It can also be embellished with dots and leaves to create a stylish look. Start by applying a nude gel polish on your nails. Then paint some flowers and leaves on them according to your idea. By the way, adding some random colors and French touches to the base can make it even more beautiful. If you like flowers, just try this manicure and you won't be disappointed with it!

Products used:

Solid Gel-15/25/28/54/73

10. Party Queen


Green is widely recognized as the most suitable color for spring. No one can resist having a beautiful green manicure in spring. The glitters, smudge, rhinestones, and white flowers on the different green gels make it unique and striking. This long, jeweled light-green manicure is definitely fit for a party queen in Spring! If you want to stand out from the crowd, this one is for you.

Products used:

Solid Gel-15/55/80

3D Nail Sculpture Gel

11. Colorful Butterfly


Do you love French nails? Or are you tired of the monotonous colors on your nails? If so, got the unique nail art this spring! You can easily re-create the pretty design with some cute butterfly stickers on a French nail. Different-sized and colored stickers will make the overall look more fun. In a word, the elements in this nail art can satisfy your multiple needs at the same time!

Products used:

Solid Gel-07/17/25/29/72

Butterfly Stickers

12. Cute Bunny


As an important festival in spring--Easter is right around the corner. Have you figured out what nail art to do for the festival this year? Bunnies and eggs might be the first images to pop into your mind, and some florals are also classic. As we can see, the Easter manicure is the cutest one of all the spring nail designs, which is full of joy and happiness. Try it and be the cutest girl on Easter!

Products used:

Solid Gel-23/29/72/78

Black Dots Gel Polish

Did you get inspiration for your spring nails from the 12 nail art designs? If so, it's time to get the gels and tools to DIY the same manicure at home. If you have better ideas, just show us by tagging us (@vettsynails or @vettsystore) on Instagram. Can't wait to see your wonderful work!


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