How to Make Your Manicure Long Lasting? Two Things You can’t Ignore.

Do you have a annoyance that your poly gel, gel polish or false nail tips only last few days? 99 out of 100 times the problem lies in improper nail preparation.

According to the experts, no matter what type of products you use, properly preparing the nail plate is paramount for any nails design that doesn’t lift and for maximum adhesion on natural nails.

As proper preparation is the key to the manicure durability, afterwards care is also an important determinant.

Next, we are going to tell you the secrets of how to make your manicure long lasting.

Prepare Your Nails Properly

Follow the bellow 5 steps to prep your nails, you can be an expert to do a perfect nail design at home.

1. The first thing is to clean your hands and make it totally dry before the next step.

2. Apply some oil-free cuticle remover on your nail to soften the cuticle.( This step makes the cuticles easier to be removed. It also works if you don’t use the remover.) Then use a cuticle pusher to push back cuticles with a small circular motion. Cut them off with a cuticle cutter. ( Remember only cut the dead skins, do not cut too much to avoid bleeding.)

3. Shape the nails into your preferable length and shape such as almond, coffin and etc. Buff your nail to remove shine, and be sure to pay close attention to the sidewalls and cuticle area to avoid problems with lifting.

4. Wipe your nail with a nail surface cleanser to remove debris, dust and oil. The moisture and oil of skin will prevent proper adhesion, which will lead to water seeping in and cause lifting eventually.

5. Apply a thin layer of base coat to help with adhesion of any poly gel or nail polish.

Protect Your Nail Design Properly

Remember these useful tips to protect your nail design from damaging.

1. Avoid hot water for several hours after finishing your manicure.

2. Wear gloves when you are washing the dishes or doing other housework.

3. Be careful when you use your hand, and avoid hitting your nail against anything.

4. Use hand cream to make your hand and your nail moisturized and healthy.

5. Do not expose your nail to any chemicals or it will cause corrosion.

6. Do not use your nail as a tool to open a key ring or something.

7. Do not bite your nails.

8. Avoid spending a long time at the beach or pool, the seawater and pool water will dull your nail.

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