How to Take Care of Your Nails at Home? 10 Tips for Healthy & Strong Nails.

Every girl loves manicure, anyone have objections? I think the answer is negative. Then here comes the question, do you have a trouble that your nails become thinner and thinner, or break easily? I guess that’s a yes.

Thinner nails are usually the result of excessive filing and improper removal of nail enhancements like jewels, gel nails and acrylics. What’s more, daily life activities can also cause damage to your nails.

So today we will introduce you some useful tips to keep your nails healthy and strong.

10 Tips for Taking Good Care of Your Nails at Home.
In your daily life:
How to Take Care of Your Nails at Home? 10 Tips for Healthy & Strong Nails.

1. Ware gloves when you are washing dishes, gardening, or clean with harsh chemicals. Because the dish washer and other chemicals can hurt your nails, keeping your nails in wet and dirty environment will encourage the growth of bacteria as well.

2. Use hand cream and cuticle oil to moisture your nails, keeping them flexible and strong. Just  like other areas of your body, nails can also benefit from being kept hydrated. So don’t forget to care about your nails when you are doing the skin care.

3. Eat healthy foods which benefits your nails. According to science research, Vitamins A and C can help make your nails more hydrated and glossy. Vitamin B can also strengthen your nails. Other elements like Zinc can help eliminate white spots, and Iron can help stop the formation of nail ridges. Also, foods full with protein and omega-3 fatty acids are recommend to add into your diet.

4. Consulting a doctor when your nails are in bad condition. Healthy nails should be in a whitish-pink color and cuticles present. If your nails are in abnormal color, or regularly cause you pain, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor for help.

When you are doing your manicure:
How to Take Care of Your Nails at Home? 10 Tips for Healthy & Strong Nails.

5. Don’t cut your cuticles too often. Cuticle is the protector of your nail bed. Every time you trim your cuticles, you put yourself under a risk of bacteria and fungi infection. All because of the cuticle cutters can easily cause tinny cuts, and give bacteria a chance to get in.

6. Disinfect your at-home nail tools to make sure they are clean. This can be done by using isopropyl alcohol (70% or higher) to clean the clippers and files every time before you starting to give yourself a manicure. And remember to use a separate set of tools for your fingers and toes.

7. Avoid using harsh nail polishes. Try to choose natural and healthy nail polishes when you purchase online or get your nails done in a salon. Your nails can be weakened and yellowed by those harsh nail products.

8. Apply base coat and top coat is a must. Base coat can help your nail polish or poly gel, false nail tips stay for a longer time, as well as protect your nails from getting stained. Top coat is used to make your manicure a longer duration and fewer replacements.

9. Remove your nail polishes or poly gel correctly. Use a nail drill machine or mild nail polish remover instead of peeling them off, for your nail layers will be tear off too.

10. Remember to give your nails a break. Since file your nail is a basic step in manicure, your nail will be thinner and thinner when you get your nails done again and again. Give your nails a break to grow strong after a certain times of manicure, or it will break easily and cause you pain.

Healthier nails make better nails design.

Let’s follow the tips to take good care of your nails, then shop our all natural and healthy nail products to make your own wonderful nail art designs!

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