How To Do French Nail Designs At Home-Quick & Simple Ways

French nail art is one of the most classic nail styles out there. The French nail designs are simple, beautiful, and will never go out of style. But that doesn't mean they have to be boring. Nail artists and enthusiasts have expanded the French mani beyond sheer off-white to every color. 

Thus, when you search "French nail designs" on social media these days, you'll see a wide variety of French nail sets, from minimalist to super intricate and fancy. Is there a nail design that makes you want to wear it immediately at first sight? If so, it's time to learn about the different ways to create innovative French manis.

What are the French nails?

The traditional French tips refer to the white polish on the tips of the nails, above the base of the nail which is traditionally painted in a pinkish nude tone. The look is meant to provide a bold replication of nails' natural colors, it is low-key and very elegant.

However, the definition of French manicures has gradually changed as time goes by. Whenever two colors are used and there is an obvious junction, it can be called a French manicure. Plus, the base color is no longer just a single nude tone, you can apply any colors as you like.

6 French Nail Designs to Give You Inspiration

There are plenty of French manicure styles that deviate from the standard flesh-colored formula. To give you some inspiration for your next French nail design, our nail tech created some trending innovative French manicures. Get ready to screenshot.

1. Chrome Reverse French Nail Design

The traditional French manicure is to make French lines on tip of nails. However, for reverse French nails, the part close to the cuticle is painted a solid color! There are different ways to create this nail set. You can paint the French part first and then cover the rest of the nails. Or you can apply the base color first, then draw the French pattern near the cuticle. Want to give your hands a full sense of luxury? Using chrome powder is definitely the best choice! So many A-listers in Hollywood show their support for the many different iterations of the design. Blake Lively, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Dove Cameron all wore reverse manicures for red-carpet events. Chrome Reverse French Nail Design Tutorial. 

2. Ombre Cat Eye French Nails


Combined with the ombre and cat eye, this French nail set looks more gorgeous and dazzling. You may think it's difficult to recreate it, but in fact, you can get the same design with just a few simple steps. Choose the color gel you like to create a ombre base. Then use a silver cat eye gel to make the French curve. The colors for this nail design are not fixed, so you can pick up any base color you have to replicate it. Trust me, you'll love the result. One thing to note is that this nail set may be a little inappropriate for very short nails. Ombre Cat Eye French Nails Tutorial. 

3. Triple Curve French Manicure


I was obsessed with it when I first saw this red Frech nail set. It's unique and eye-catching, right? Different from regular French nails, it has several French lines in different colors. The combination of red and black is very classic and eye-catching. With the shiny rhinestone in the center of the French tip, the charm of the nails doubled. You can choose the color for this nail design according to your preference. Pair it with some rings or other ornaments, your look will be more gorgeous. Triple Curve French Manicure Tutorail. 

4. Reflective Neon French Manicure


If you like the French nail set that is simple but not boring, then this one is for you. Just apply some gel polish to create a French tip, and then the nail design is done! Suitable for girls who have difficulty drawing French lines or beginners in nail art. With the fluorescent reflective gel reflecting the light under sunlight and lights, this nail set is so stunning. If you are also a fan of charms nails, add some extra decorations freedomly. You'll find it'll be hard to look away the nails. Reflective Neon French Manicure Tutorial. 

5. Ilussion French Cat Eye Nails


Can't decide on what color you want to do for your French nails? Velvet cat eye nails are becoming more and more popular as we enter into the cooler months of the year. Why not try different cat eye gels for each nail instead so you don't have to pick one? Creating this illusion cat eye may require some experience on your part, but don't worry. Just follow the tutorial and you can replicate this eye-catching and impressive manicure set at home. Look how stunning those bright, shiny cat eye nails are! Ilussion French Cat Eye Nail Tutorial. 

6. French Line Nails


Prefer a more minimalist take on the trend? Here, try this simple French nail design! Ultra-thin arcs to take part in the French nail art trend without letting it take over the full nails. Best of all, you can see that even on the long coffin nails, these thin French lines look nothing short of head-turning. If you want your nails to be more eye-catching, choose some brighter and dazzling gels.

Beginner-friendly French Nail Hacks

Many nail art lovers always find it difficult to create French lines or tips with freehand. How to make French manicures quicker and easier? Try these useful tools now. Keep reading to get these beginner-friendly French nail hacks.

1. French Nail Stickers

French stickers are loved by many nail art enthusiasts because they are cheap and convenient. If you don't like the tedious steps of doing French nails, then the self-adhesive French stickers are for you. Just put them on your nails and seal them with a top coat, your French nails are done! These stickers come in a variety of colors and textures to suit your needs. But if you want to try more French shapes, the French tips guide sticker will be more suitable for you. Just apply your favorite gel polish on the top of your nails after putting the guide sticker on your nails, you'll get a perfect French nail design. To avoid mess when applying gel polish close to the French tips guide sticker, using some base coat first would be better. French Nail Stickers Tutorial. 

 2. French Nail Tips

For French nail art lovers who want a more natural effect, the French Nail Tips will be a good choice. These classic French-style nail tips are usually white. You will get simple and elegant nail designs by sticking the French nail tips on your nails with some nail glue. The small flowers attached to these nail tips can help us use them more conveniently. They are especially suitable for use on short and natural nails.They are especially suitable for use on short and natural nails. If people do not looking the nails very closely, they might think it's the French tips painted on your natural nails. French Nail Tips Tutorial. 

3. French Tips Guide Plate

This French plate is versatile and can be used with different products. The first usage of it is very similar to French tips guide stickers. After choosing the right size, just place it over the nails and apply some color gel you like, then you will get a unique French nail design. Using the different curves on the poly gel and acrylic powder nails, you will get prefect French lines easily. Since it is made of stainless steel, it can be cleaned and reused.

4. Nail Art Stamper 

The soft silicone head of the stamper makes it very convenient to make French manicures. Apply some gel polishes on the silicone head, then use your nail to poke the silicone head at a 45° angle. You can get different depths and curvatures by adjusting how hard you poke the silicone head. To prevent the gel polish on the silicone head from flowing everywhere and affecting its use, polishing the silicone head first would be better. Nail Art Stamper Tutorial. 

5. Nail Art Tape


Nail tape is a very useful tool to help us create French manicures. Apply nail art tape to different shapes on your nails, then apply gel polish or chrome powder along the lines created by the tape. You will get a special French nail design in a few steps. Nail Art Tape Tutorial. 

6. Gel Tips


Have you ever thought that regular gel tips can be used to create French nails? If not, you really should give it a try. Just choose the right size gel tip and apply your favorite gel polish inside of it. Then gently slide it over the nails, you'll gel a classic French nail design in 1s. Nail Tips For French Nails Tutorial. 

7. French Nail Brush

The curved bristle of this nail brush is specially designed for making French nails. Only with two strokes, you will get perfect smile lines. It is very convenient to use and can be used with both liquid gels and solid gels. By adjusting where you start your strokes, you can get the ideal width of the nail design. French Nail Brush Tutorial. 

After getting more information on these French nail designs and tools, do you find the style and tool that suits you best? If you already have ideas, why not take action now and create a unique winter French manicure? Hope you can enjoy the fun of French nail art!

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