12 Winter & Christmas Nail Ideas You Can Try At Home 2023

Fall is coming to a close, which means it's time to start thinking about your next mani on cold days. Are you ready for beautiful winter and holiday nails that you can recreate this year? If not, we have a ton of fabulous ideas to share with you!

To help you plan ahead, our nail tech made some winter and Christmas nail designs at the same time, from elegant nails in classic colors to candy cane nails, Santa nails, and other trending Christmas nails, there's something for everyone! Keep scrolling to see 12 nail designs that'll get you ready for the holiday season of the year!

1. Red and White Nails With Swirls & Snowflakes


The combination of white and red is recognized as one of the best combinations for winter manicures. The red part looks warm and bright, while the white part looks as pure as snow. There are no rules on how much space the red and white gels should take up your nails, so you can recreate a unique two-tone nail set in an arbitrary way. The white dots and snowflakes add strong winter vibes to the nail set. Want to make the nails more delicate and special? Add golden chrome swirls and foil to double the charm!

Products Used: 

Solid Gel-31 DREAMFUL 

Solid Gel-15 YOUNG LOVE

Hema-free Gel-PARADISE

Chrome Painting Gel-Gold

Nail Foil Flakes-Gold

2. Blue Glazed Nails With Aurora Snowflakes


Blue and aurora hues evoke a wintry aesthetic that is perfect for the holiday season. If you're looking to get festive with your nail art this winter, the light blue glazed nails are a great look to try! The fresh blue is as dreamy as the ice world in the movie Frozen, while the aurora rhinestones and opal glitters are very dazzling. With the embellishment of laser snowflakes, it looks so shining. Trust me, it will earn you endless compliments at any holiday party!

Products Used:

Solid Gel-25 NEW WAVE

Moonlight Nail Chrome

Snowflake Nail Glitters 

Nail Glitter-Opal

3. Matte Nude Nails With Gold Glitters


A classic and eye-catching way to make a statement is by combining two of the most popular winter colors, gold and white! Begin by painting each nail in a matte nude base color, this will make your nails look more elegant and healthy. Glitter nails are always a go-to during the holidays. So apply a lot of gold glitters on your nails, which will add an extra level of sparkle and texture to your design. Some gold chrome powder and white snowflakes will make your manicure shinier. This luxurious white and gold combo makes you happy just looking at it!

Products Used:

Hema-free Gel-YOUNG LOVE

Hema-free Gel-STRANGER

Chrome Powder-Gold

Matte Top Coat

5D Nail Stickers-Snowflake

4. Silver & Blue Glitter Nails


Snowflake nail art is a fun and festive way to celebrate the winter holidays. But what color will be paired with the snowflakes depends on your preference entirely. If you are a fan of both blue and silver nails, try this one! Not good at doing nail sets? Don't worry! Only by applying the glitter gels and sticking any snowflakes, or rhineston2s you like, you will get the same design at home. What could be happier than seeing your favorite colors on your nails at any time?

Products Used:

Solid Gel-50 RETRO DREAM

Snowflake Charms Set

Rhinestone Glue

Diamond Glitter-Bell/Pavo

5. Deep Green Nails With Christmas Tree


When we think about the color that fits Christmas nails best, we definitely think of green first, the color of Christmas trees and holly. The forest green is a bold and timeless color that pairs well with every outfit during the Christmas season, making it one of the most popular shades for holiday nails. Simply apply green and white base colors first, then add some sparkles for an eye-catching look. Get your nails done by painting a cute Christmas tree to achieve a unique yet sophisticated style.

Products Used:

Solid Gel-15/45/55/59

Christmas Metal Flakes

6. Sweet Chocolate Ice Cream Nails


The appeal of Christmas-inspired manis is they can be created in various colors, allowing you to choose the combination that best reflects your personality. If you want a subtle Christmas nail design but are tired of wearing red or green nails, try out brown tones. The dark brown base looks as sweet as chocolate. Decorated with white drops and candy cane patterns, it looks as delicious as cake. Some snowflakes and colorful dots make the nail set full of holiday vibes. It is easy to wear because the colors are muted, and therefore lends itself well to a variety of settings, including more formal ones!

Products Used:

Solid Gel-09/15/29/36/59

Nail Stickers-Snowflake

Liner Brush

Dotting Pen

7. Blue Mirror Effect Nail With Gems


There is no better time to wear sparkle nails than the festive season. You can wear as much shine as you want at Christmas. The combination of navy blue and white is perfect for winter manicures, which is a profound look that is often associated with femininity. For a more chic and dazzling nail design, apply some blue mirror chrome and blue rhinestone detailing. If you want a look that makes more of a statement, you can also experiment by adding 3D sweater texture and 3D snowflake stickers to your nails. The cute glitter bell pulls this look into a full-on holiday-themed design. If this look isn't glam, I don't know what is.

Products Used:

Solid Gel-15/52/14

Chrome Powder- Blue

Liner Brush

Matte Top Coat

5D Nail Stickers-Snowflake

5 In 1 Top Coat

8. Red & Gold Nails With Pearls


It's all about sparkle! If you love bling nails a lot, you will definitely obsessed with this bright glitter nail design. Red is a perfect, classic color when it comes to cold weather, especially around the holiday season. The gold glitters complement the red color so well, making the nail set full of festive Christmas vibes. These gold holiday-themed charms and colorful pearls make the nails look so shiny and dazzling! It will remind you of so many wonderful memories of Christmas.

Products Used:

Solid Gel-103 DIVA

Platinum Gel-Gold

Christmas Pearl Set

Christmas Metal Flakes

Rhinestone Glue-Ultra Strong

9. Green Cat Eye Nails


Green is a huge deal at Christmas, and you're bound to see tons of Christmas nail designs in dark green! Tired of the traditional combination of red and green at Christmas? Try the trending cat eye gel! The green cat eye nail looks fresh and shiny, perfectly matching any look and occasion at Christmas. You don't have to be too obvious with the green-and-gold combo, so a few gold shimmer gels could be the perfect touch. Break up the solid polish with some lovely lines, gold foils, and snowflakes for that cozy holiday atmosphere. Interlaced colorful ribbons make it look like an exquisite gift on your nail.

Products Used:

Solid Gel-96/31/14

2 In 1 Cat Eye Pigment-Green

Base Coat

Liner Brush

Nail Foil Flakes-Gold

5D Nail Stickers-Snowflake

10. Rainbow Deer Nails


If you are a nail art beginner or you think it's too hard to draw patterns with gel polish, then this rainbow Christmas nail art design is perfect for you. These nails don't have any design in particular but it's very pretty. You can choose your favorite nail polish color as the base, then layer on the rainbow cat-eye gel to create the holo cat-eye effect. The snowflake and reindeer can be made with nail stickers in seconds, then you have your Christmas nails ready.

Products Used:

Solid Gel-33/98

Hema-free Gel-MAROON

Rainbow Cat Eye Gel

Liner Brush

5D Nail Stickers-Snowflake

11. 3D Santa Nails


Red, green, and white are the reigning colors of Christmas. In this nail design, each gets its due—white velvet powder like snow, candy canes, a red Santa hat, and some colorful glitters. At first glance, this 3D Christmas nail art design looks complicated. But once you break it down, it's not difficult to recreate. To get the same 3D effect, take some 3D nail sculpture gel to make some small balls and assemble them as the picture shows. If you're good at painting, you can freehand the lines. Alternatively, you can use some nail art tape to help you. Nothing says Christmas quite like Santa, so this nail design is just perfect for the holiday season!

Products Used:


3D Nail Sculpture Gel Set

Nail Glitter-Lily

Christmas Nail Glitters

5 In 1 Top Coat

12. Red Chrome Nails With Christmas Charms


Red and white nails are a unique spin on the classic Christmas manicure. The red provides an added touch of boldness but still remains classic. The white takes this Christmas manicure to a new level of elegance. Use bright red chrome to create a shiny mirror effect on the nails, then take a nail brush and a little bit of white polish to form the 3D swirls. Adding some gold snowflake stickers and a pearl Christmas tree to make your nails more gorgeous. This red chrome nail design will make you stand out of the crowd easily!

Products Used:

Solid Gel-15/14

Hema-free Gel-THE IVY

Chrome Powder-Red

Christmas Pearl Set

Nail Stickers-Snowflake

Christmas Nail Charms

Winter is the chilly season of miracles and all sorts of festivities. In addition, we have more time and willingness to stay at home to celebrate various festivals and holidays in winter. Thus, it takes a full-scale approach to the preparation so that you look absolutely best on the coldest days. Don't hesitate to choose your favorite nail design and try it now.

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