New Trending To Do Nail Extension--Solid Builder gel

Today, there are many nail extension products. For example, builder gel, polygel, etc. But what I'm asking is, do you want to make it more convenient and easier? If so, you must try this new solid builder gel.

What is solid builder gel?

Solid builder gel is a new trending gel that can be used for nail extensions, DIY patterns,3D nail art design, etc. It can be regarded as an upgraded version of the extension gel. Not only does it make nail extensions easier, but you can also even use it to create any 3D pattern you want, just like kneading clay, to decorate your nails. However, the textures of regular builder gel and polygel are too thin to make it.

The features of this solid nail extension gel are a non-floating formula and not so sticky. So it can be quickly molded and won't stick to hands. Of course, we recommend you wear gloves when you rub it. You don't have to worry about it falling off quickly, as long as you follow the correct steps to apply it, correct application steps. It can last close to three weeks or even more.

At this point, do you want to keep learning about this beginner-friendly solid builder gel?

Solid Builder Gel VS Builder Gel

What's the difference between solid builder gel and regular builder gel? Builder Gel is a liquid gel polish (nail gel) that can be used to add length and thickness to nails or to increase nail strength. It usually lasts 2-3 weeks. It can be created simply because of its great flexibility. But for beginners, it turns out hard to control. The feature of Vettsy new upgraded nail extension gel is solid, so you can easily control the amount and application area. For more creative inspirations, you can also combine it with some nail art glitters and powders.


Solid Builder Gel VS Polygel

What's the difference between solid builder gel and polygel? Polygel is a nail enhancer that comes in tube-like toothpaste. It is a hybrid between gel and acrylic. And the polygel is not as flexible as the builder gel, so it requires a slip solution to level and shape. But it's hard to make 3D patterns with it, not only will it stick to your hands, but it's not easy to shape due to its texture. Our new solid builder gel has all the functions of polygel, but it also makes up for its shortcoming.

How To Apply Solid UV Builder Gel?

Solid Builder Gel step-by-step application tutorial:

  1. Push back the cuticle and remove any dead tissue
  2. File your nails to a matte state and remove oil.
  3. Apply a nail prep dehydrator and wait for it to air dry.
  4. Apply a base coat and cure for the 60s.
  5. Put some solid builder gel in the dual forms.    
  6. Use a brush to make the gel evenly in the dual forms.
  7. Press the forms lightly and cure for the 60s.
  8. Remove the dual forms and file to your desired shape.
  9. Apply a top coat, then cure it for the 60s.

Now you can create your favorite nail art, or add some nail stickers, glitters, or rhinestones. To achieve a better effect, we recommend that you combine the solid builder gel with some shinny glitters or some pigment, you will get a unique design. Can't wait to create your design? Now take it home and start to make it!

How To Remove The Solid Builder Gel?

Solid Builder Gel step-by-step removal tutorial:

1. Trim your nail extensions to just above your real nails.

2. File off most of the gel with a nail drill.

3. Wrap the acetone remover on the nail.

4. Wait for about 10 minutes.

5. Remove the product's residue with the remove tool.

6. Wipe your nails with a cotton pad.

Which products to choose depends on your personal preference. But for beginners, the solid builder gel is absolutely the right choice. Who wouldn't love the win-win situation of making a more perfect manicure in less time? Hesitation is a waste of time. Come and shop yours now!

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