How to Use Different kinds of Nail Art Brushes?

We all know it is expensive to do nail art in a salon. So more and more girls try to buy tools and products to DIY nail art at home. A good collection of nail art brushes is a must-have tool for every manicure lover.

For nail art enthusiasts and beginners, there are so many different nail brushes available to suit all budgets. A suitable nail brush not only can help you finish your nail art but also won't make you exhausted after doing nail art. Some people often contact us to inquire about which brush they should buy for special designs. We thought it's time to answer some common questions about nail art brushes. Let's learn!

How many kinds of brushes are there and their different functions

There are both basic brushes and nail art brushes sold on the market. These brushes can be roughly classified into 6 types. They can meet almost all your needs for doing nail art, including applying gel polishes, 3D design, painting, nail extensions, etc. Let's take a look at the differences between each brush!

1. Gel Brush

The gel brush is the one we use most for nail art. Especially when you are applying solid gel polish, it can help you create more precise strokes on the nails. Of course, it can also be used to apply liquid gel polish and UV Builder Gel for nail extension. There are mainly two kinds of gel brushes, one has oval-shaped bristles, and another has flat bristles.

2. French Brush


A French manicure gives your nails a clean, chic, pretty look. But the smile line can stump most nail art lovers when they try to do their first French manicure. As the name suggests, the French brush is specially designed for French manicures in an easy way. It is a super beginner-friendly nail tool for you to complete a perfect French nail in 2 steps! Moreover, you can create a variety of French styles easily, such as Square Shape, U-Shaped, and C-Smile Shape with it.

3. Snow Brush


Have you heard of a new trend in nail art—the blush manicure? It is a kind of smudge gradient nail art and the Snow Brush is the most convenient accessory to create it. Its oblique brush head allows it to fit the nails more comprehensively. After applying the base color on your nail, take the gel polish you want to smudge on top of it. Then use the snow brush to gently move and tap the gel polish to create your desired patterns.

4. Ombre Brush


Sometimes, we just want to draw random graffiti on our nails but we don't have a certain pattern in mind. At that time, the ombre brush is the best choice. It can be used to depict irregular and multiple lines, marble, and ombre designs. And using the brush doesn't require you to have much experience. Another advantage of this brush is: since its bristles are relatively sparse, it won't take the glitters away when applying the glitters to the nails.

5. Mini Oval Brush


The mini oval brush has a very special brush head, which makes it the perfect tool for painting exquisite patterns, such as landscapes, leaves or flowers, petals, etc.

6. Liner Brush


Liner brushes look very different from most other types of nail art brushes. They are shaped like a line and have very thin bristles. Liner brushes usually are available in different lengths for fine work and small details: short, medium, and long. The short liner brush can be used for drawing short lines, wavy lines, or doing more detailed nail art. The medium liner is more suitable for delineating edges and filling colors. The long liner brush is easier to draw continuous and straight lines on long nails. And the liner brush is also perfect for blending gel polishes thanks to its pointy tips.

How to clean nail brushes and take good care of them?

  • The nail art brushes can be cleaned with water immediately after painting with water-based gel polish.
  • If the brush is used with gel polishes or oil color, then you must use a special brush cleaner or acetone wrap to make it clean, then put it flat and let it air dry.
  • Keep the nail brush clean and dry.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight and high temperature.
  • Avoid pulling and cutting bristles.

If you're just a beginner in nail art, choosing a well-matched brush set is the easiest way that'll give you assistance in nail design. Hope you have a better understanding of the uses of different nail art brushes after reading this blog. If you are finding a brush set to start your nail art journey, Vettsy Beginner Nail Art Brush Set is a nice choice for you. Get yours now to start your wonderful nail art journey!

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