How to Clean and Care UV Gel Brushes?

A lot of people fall in love with our solid gel polish recently and here comes the most frequently asked question: how do I clean my brush? So we made this step-by-step tutorial of how to clean your UV Gel Brushes! Let's get started.

How to clean your nail brush?

Deep cleaning

A deep cleaning for your brush is needed when you complete your nail design and are about to store it. Otherwise your brush will be a mess and hard to use next time.

1. Wet a lint-free nail wipe or a cotton pad with some alcohol or brush cleanser then put it on a flat area such as a table. Gently wipe the bristles over it to remove the extra gel on the surface. Repeat the process until there's no any residue on your brush.

2. Pour out some base coat or other clear gel and dab the brush on it to clean the gel inside the brush bristles. Repeat the process until there's no much color gel spreading out.

3. Brush the extra clear gel on the cotton pad with alcohol and keep the bristles in the original shape.

4. Clean and sanitize the whole brush handle with alcohol and store it avoid exposure to sunlight.

Cleaning between each use

Usually, several colors will be used for one nail set. Clean the brush for another color application is necessary to avoid ruining your solid gel polishes.

1. Gently wipe the bristles on a dry lint-free nail wipe or cotton pad to clean the residue gel on the surface.

2. Dab the bristles on some base coat to clean the color gel inside the bristles.

3. Remove the extra base coat on your brush with a dry nail wipe, then you are safe to work with another solid gel polish.

How to care the nail brush to extend its lifespan?

The lifespan of a brush is depended on how often you use it and how aggressively you handle it. Clean your brush frequently or store it improperly can make your brush dry out easily, so you also need to know how to care your brushes.

1. Keep the brush away from sunlight, LED light or UV light. Or the gel on your brush will be cured as well, which will ruin your brush.

2. Put your brush lid on to prevent dust.

3. Do not soak your brush in acetone or alcohol for a long time. Just a quick dip and wipe is enough for clean.

When to replace your brush?

When your bristles start to fray, you need to change a new brush. And of course you can replace your brush when you feel it is not working well.

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