"Chrome Nails" Is the Perfect Manicure Trend To Revamp Your Summer Nails

If you often look for nail art inspiration on Tiktok or Instagram, then you are bound to see a lot of chrome-related nail designs. These chrome nails in different colors and combinations are so gorgeous. The incredibly versatile nail art is ideal for red-carpet occasions and memorable events. Zendaya, Dualipa, and Lizzo have all worn chrome nails to attend some fashionable occasions. The chrome nail design is loved by many nail art lovers for its stunning high-shine finish and irresistible glamourous quality.

From Hailey Bieber's glazed donut nail art in 2022 to various kinds of chrome nails in 2023, we can know that mirrored, iridescent and sparkly nails will continue to be in fashion for years. The donut mani features a nude or natural light base with chrome powder. While the chrome nails cover a much wider range of colors and finishes. If you are interested in chrome nail art, let's dive in!

一. What are the chrome nails?

As the name shows, "chrome powder" is the most important helper to create the reflective, glossy finish of the chrome nail sets. It's a type of nail art pigment that comes in powder or flake form. Since it's made by grinding metallic pigments, metals, and even powdered glass, which makes it extremely important that you don't breathe any of it in. Less shimmery than glitter or micro-glitter, chrome nail designs have a signature uniform gleam that sparkles when polished. Rubbing it over the nails evenly, it will make your nails look fine and smooth with a metallic luster and texture.

Chrome nails can be created in various colors, from minimalist nudes to complex holographic colors. It can also be incorporated into almost all the nail styles you can imagine. Basically, whatever vibe you're going for, there's a chrome nail look to match. Who played the most important role in it? Keep scrolling to see the answer.

二. How many kinds of chrome powders are there?

As a must for chrome nails, when you search for "how to create a perfect chrome nail" or "what is the best chrome powder" on the Internet, you'll see all kinds of nail chrome powders. But how to choose one that suits you best from these dazzling products? You will find the best answer after learning more about the nail art chrome powers.

1. Pure Color Chrome Powder

Different from ordinary pure-color manicures and other sequined manicures, chrome powders of various colors can not only meet people's demands for rich colors in nail art, but also add unique gloss and smoothness to the nails. These colorful chrome nail powders almost cover all kinds of colors that girls need in daily nail art, such as silver, gold, pink, blue, purple, etc. They have changed the previous nail coloring game and brought us a lot of fun to add glamor to the nails. The most basic colors among the color chrome powder are gold and silver, which usually look as shiny as a mirror. The color chrome looks very luxurious and high-end. Even if it is used for decoration on the nail design, it will be very eye-catching and stunning.


2. Aurora Nail Chrome

Powder Aurora nail powder also covers lots of colors but it looks more sheer than regular pure color chrome. The aurora chrome powders look very similar when packed in jars. But if you applied them to different backgrounds, you will be absolutely amazed at the obvious differences between them. Even if it's the same color, it will show a big difference when it's applied on a transparent, black, or white background. But no matter what background it is on, it will emit a soft luster like an aurora and pearl. It will make you look very sweet and elegant, so it's very suitable for dating or in daily life and work. Hailey Bieber's glazed donut nail art was created by using aurora chrome powder.


3. Holographic Chrome Powder

As the name suggests, holographic chrome powder can be used to create stunning and eye-catching holographic nail art. It looks especially shiny under the flash and the sun, so it's really perfect for bar parties and summer sunbathing on the beach. It can be well-matched with any base color you like, such as nude, pink, red, black, and so on. If you like colorful and bright rainbow nail sets, holographic chrome powder will be your best choice.


4. Cat Eye Chrome Powder

Cat eye nail art has become a popular trend that can be seen everywhere. But we know usually cat eye manicures are made with cat eye gel polishes. Have you heard of cat eye pigment? Since it contains both chrome powder and magnetic powder, it can be mixed with the base coat to become a cat eye gel or used over the nails directly as chrome powder. If you create the chrome nail with it directly, you will find that the nail set has a chameleon effect. You can experience two kinds of nail art at the same time with it. Many girls who have used the cat eye pigment find it very interesting!


5. Moonlight Chrome Powder

Moonlight chrome powder looks white in the jar, but actually, it has a transparent color. If you layer it over other color gels, it offers a white metallic glow without blocking the color of the nail gel. Under natural sunlight or strong lighting such as ring lighting, or under fluorescent lamps, you can see the satin light well. As one of the most reflective chrome powders, the moonlight chrome powder will make your nails never so shiny.


三. How to get a chrome nail set at home?

With the spread of the trend of chrome nails, so many girls choose to wear a chrome nail design. But we all know that it's expensive to get a nail set in salons. How to apply chrome powder at home? Keep reading!

Before we start, we need to prepare some necessary tools. You can directly save the picture and prepare the tools according to the items in it. Then, we have compiled detailed steps for your reference.

1. File your nails well and clean the dust on them, then apply the primer and base coat. This step can help your nail art last longer.

2. Apply the base color gel and cure it under the UV/LED lamp for the 60s. You can choose any color gels you like, and different color bases can bring you different effects.

3. Apply the no-wipe top coat to the nails and cure it for 20s. The "no wipe" top coat is the most important gel for chrome nail art. This step is necessary.

4. Use the sponge applicator to rub the nail powder on the nails evenly. Please pay attention to covering the edges of the nails.

5. Clean the excess powder with a dust brush.

6. Seal the nails with a top coat and cure it under the nail lamp for the 60s. Any top coat can be used in this step. Then you can enjoy your chrome nail art.

四. 3 Tips to bring you a better chrome effect without chipping.

1. If the chrome comes off when rubbing it in, the tack-free top coat was cured too long. Using some alcohol on top of the no-wipe top coat can help you rub the nail powder better.

2. Do not file or buff Chrome, which will just remove Chrome.

3. Less is more, when it comes to chrome powder and a little goes a long way. When you apply it to the nails, do so sparsely and firmly until you achieve a shiny mirror-like effect, rather than apply it like a typical pigment or glitter.

五. 7+ Chrome nail designs to give you some inspiration.

The above steps apply to the most common chrome nails with full-color coverage. If you think the combination of simple color gels and chrome nail powder is too boring, we have created a lot of interesting and innovative designs. Hope you can find one you like or get inspiration to create a Chrome mani exclusive to you.

1. Aurora Purple Grape

Have you ever tried pairing your chrome powder with silver cat eye gel and jelly color gel? If not, I highly recommend you give it a try. You will be amazed by the surprise effect brought by their combination. With its unique and shiny appearance, this cat eye has gained millions of views on Instagram. It looks like the grapes in the estate, with the sparkle and crystal of dew. Aurora Purple Grape Tutorial. 


2. Flowery Glazed Donut Nail

Have you ever tried Hailey Bieber's glazed donut nail art? This flower chrome nail design looks like an updated version of Hailey Bieber's donut manicure. The combination of nude base color and aurora chrome powder is already very elegant. However, a few extra sparkly floral accents make it even more sparkly, especially under lighting or sunlight, where it will reflect all sorts of fascinating colors.


3. Moonlight Nail

Can you guess how this shiny silver mani was created if you only see the picture? In fact, we combined the silver cat eye gel with white moonlight powder directly. Just rub the moonlight chrome powder on the nails first, then apply the gel polish over the nails. You will get a stunning moonlight nail set with simple steps. It's so shiny that the camera can not focus on it.


4. Ombre Mirror Nail

It is no exaggeration to say that wearing an ombre mirror nail set will make you the queen on any occasion. It looks very simple but fashionable! In particular, using jelly gels as a color base under the mirror chrome will bring your nail set more innovative. And you can adjust the base color of this nail art according to your preferences. The ombre design adds some sweet vibes to an otherwise cool-looking.


5. Holographic Checkerboard

When it comes to holo nails, we are all familiar with them. They have very bright and colorful colors. The rich colors are as if the rainbow is lingering on your nails. What's more, the colors of holographic nails design will change under different angles and lights. It screams cool style on hot summer days.


6. Ice Cube Chrome Nail

When I first saw this nail design, I thought it was so sweet. It looks like sparkly candies on the nails, perfect for summer! The combination of the aurora ice cubes and the subtle luster reflected by the aurora chrome pigment is so stunning. The Ice cubes add a romantic atmosphere to it, and the clear rhinestones make it more charming. Will you love this nail set?


7. Partial Chrome Decoration

If you didn't find the nail art you like in the above styles, how about taking a look at these designs? The nail chrome powder is only used as partial decoration here! You just need to use a 5-in-1 top coat or solid nail tips glue to create 3D patterns you like on the nails, and then rub the chrome powder over it. Or you can use the chrome gel polishes to paint your nails directly. Then you will get French nails, flower nails, spider web nails, and various irregular nail designs. There will always be a design that can meet your needs!


六. FAQ

1. Do you have to use UV light with the chrome nail powder?

No, the chrome powder does not need to be cured under the UV/LED lamp. But the no-wipe top coat and base color gel we used for a better effect need to be cured with the UV/LED lamp.

2. Can the chrome be used over nail dip powder and poly gel?

Yes. Chrome nail powders can be used over any nail product. Whether it is a natural nail or nail extension made with builder gels, poly gels, acrylic powder, or nail tips, you can apply the chrome on it. The most critical thing is that you need to apply a layer of no-wipe top coat before rubbing the chrome.

3. What nail color looks best with chrome?

There are no rules for the colors that chrome needs to be matched. Lighter, sheer base colors, like pale pink, cream, and nude make for subtle, iridescent chrome nails (refer: Haley Bieber's various glazed donut manis). Darker, more opaque hues help achieve a bolder, more futuristic finish.

4. How long do chrome nails last?

Make sure you apply a top coat over your chrome nail designs, and your manicure can last you up to 3 weeks without any chipping. We suggest that you use the primer and base coat before starting the nail art, this will help your chrome nail set last longer.


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