2022 Holiday Gift Guides for Nail Lovers

The holiday shopping season is coming soon. You don't have to spend too much time picking out gifts for that hard-to-shop-for friends as in previous years. We've got just the right holiday gift for everyone on your list. Our mission is to make both givers and receivers happy.   

1. Christmas Nail Mystery Box


No one can resist the temptation of limited-edition products. The Christmas box, which combines a festival vibe and mystery, is definitely enough to amaze anyone who receives the gift. A dazzling array of nail art items are hidden under the exquisite packaging. Have you even begun to look forward to it?

2. Holiday Nail Mystery Box


If you have a party freak around you, this gift is sure to wow her. This set contains our bestsellers, the solid nail tips glue, and rainbow cat eye gel, as well as a variety of stickers and rhinestones. Enough for her to go to all the parties in 2022.

3. Solid Builder Gel Starter Kit


Our solid builder gel set will never miss such an important occasion. Whether you want to design your own 3D charms or make an extension, this set is perfect to cover all your needs. One-stop service saves you a lot of time to purchase additional products.

4. Gel Tips Starter Kit


Is your friend a nail lover and also a beginner? This starter kit is the one for her. All the base & top coats you need and gel tips will come with this kit. The Solid Nail Tips Glue even occupies our website's top-selling list all year round. This new nail tech is absolutely a game-changer! Try it and you will get into it.

5. Solid Gel Set-Christmas


Christmas-themed solid gel polishes are definitely the best gifts for a manicure fanatic who always wants to keep up with trends. It has been said that Christmas is the perfect time to show off manicures. So buy ahead to give your friend plenty of time to design her Christmas nail art.

6. Solid Gel Set-Holiday


In the final months of 2022, it's not just Christmas to look forward to. If your friends don't want too many Christmas elements, please don't miss out on this set.

7. Gel Polish Set-Classic


When you worry about choosing the color of gel polish, the colors of the classic series can always help you completely eliminate all the worries. Classic collections are timeless and you can't go wrong with them no matter what occasion or time of day you wear them. Such a perfect gift set is best for friends by your side.

8. Amber Cat Eye Set


We think one of the best things in life is that your friends have the same preferences as you and like the products you recommend. If there is someone around you who has not tried cat eye gel, then you must send her this cat eye set. Amber's bright color combined with magical sparkles, who would want to escape from such a sweet trap?

9. Solid Gel Custom Bundle


Everyone has their lucky color. If the above nail polish kits don't have a color your friend or loved one likes, leave a choice to them. It's a good choice too.

Finally, we would like to remind you that gifts are not only for close friends but also for yourself. Loving yourself is important too.

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