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Tailor your nail art collection with Vettsy's Custom Box. Based on our popular Monthly Box, this option lets you handpick your preferred gel polishes and update essentials like tools and accessories. Perfect for those with specific tastes or existing Vettsy products. Craft a box that truly mirrors your personal style, ensuring a unique and personalized nail art experience each month.
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Are there any subscription commitments for the customized box?

Our customized box is available as a one-time purchase, so there's no subscription commitment.

How do I personalize my nail art box?

During the ordering process, you'll have the opportunity to specify your box, preferred color gels, and the bonus. Then leave the rest to Vettsy to fill the box.

What products will I get in addition to what I have already selected?

You will also get nail art glitter, rhinestone charms, nail art tools, and other nail art products. We will make sure your box is worth over $200.

Can I gift a customized nail art box to someone?

Definitely! You can easily gift a customized nail art box by providing the recipient's preferences and shipping details during checkout.

Can I make changes to my preferences after placing an order?

You can contact our customer service to modify your order before the package is shipped.

Is there a limit to how much I can customize in the nail art box?

Our customization options are designed to offer a wide range of choices within a curated selection. While there might be limitations based on availability, we aim to accommodate diverse preferences.

What is the timeline for receiving my customized nail art box?

Once you've specified your preferences and completed your order, our team works efficiently to prepare and dispatch your personalized box. Shipping times may vary depending on your location.

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What Our Customers Saying

My Christmas mystery box arrived! I wanted to go live unboxing it but my 3 year old is absolutely not having it today and I can’t wait another day to open it

Yahaira Rojas

Awesome Autumn box! Thank you for this wonderful box of goodies
I’m absolutely pleased with the products! I’m so excited to share my beautiful products and encourage others to purchase! I don’t want to spoil the experience as I love the products as I inspect each one, just reveling in the feelings of surprise and giddiness:) I’ll share one picture:) go! Buy this while still in stock:)

Larissa Wilson Goodrich

My goodie box came today I’m so thrilled, I’m excited to try out the products Monday at the salon

Pam Schmidt Kays

I just got my very first Vettsy box. I asked in the comments if they could sub out the purple items as I am not a fan and they did! Thrilled with all the items and feeling so inspired. I am going to do my nails right now!

Shawna Anweiler

My nail kit came now to have some fun and get creative with my nails. Thanks Vettsy . Yall trust me when I say waiting on your package is so worth it! Just have patience and it will arrive!

Alyssa Flowers